Dear Annalis,

Such a jumble of emotions travel through my brain as I complete the final Equine entry, drawing to a close this amazing journey I have traveled with the creature. It is heartbreaking on one hand, having no longer a means of contact, but also the anguish felt by the creature when it describes its encounters. It is not the dark ending I envisioned, but it leaves so many questions unanswered that I was left motionless as I held the journal at the last page. I turned to my newest rendition and screamed in frustration at the painted image. There is a part of me that wishes I had never started this conversation, but I know there must be a reason. The leaps in time the Equine relates are very confusing, similar to skipping back and forth between the pages of a history book. It did seem to me these last notes pertain to the Flynn Foundation satellite. I have never thought of that amount of suffering concentrated in one area and the type of aura it would emit, but I suppose a creature that is so apathetic would be drawn to it.

I am trying to grasp what the world was like where the Equine originated from. It seems as hard for me to imagine, as it was for the Equine to accept ours. I think of how difficult it was for me to adjust to this new planet. It must have been mind altering to be pushed into another continuum, with no hope of returning. I am no expert on theoretic studies, but this seems an area of investigation for them. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and conclusion in regards to the Equine Conversations. Your scientific and analytical mind will pick out much more information than my emotional view. I see only the pain and elation reflected from these pages. You will see the empirical proof and the theoretical possibilities the Equine is relating. Whatever the creature is attempting to tell me, it is now at an end. I know it would beneficial in my understanding, to read through the entries again in full, but I do not think I could endure it again. So much raw information stains my creative endeavors. Anyway, it is time to move on to the next step in my own story. As I look up into the sky at the suspended creature, I realize we are now part of the same tale, traveling in time and space now in synchronicity.