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September 2016

Letters from Victoria- Letter 17


Dear Analis,

I am writing you on my last day aboard the train and the final moments of my long journey here.  It has been a wonderful experience and a small part of me regrets that it is coming to an end. The landscape surrounding this leg of the journey is stark desert as far as the eye can see and I am struggling to find beauty as I watch the world pass outside.  I have never observed such an absence  of life in all my travels and it does not comfort me knowing I will be surrounded by this environment for the next few years.  I know from our surveys that this part of New London was desert terrain but until this point the full extent of what that meant was not evident to me.  I hope  as we near the end of the journey that some signs of life will appear. In the last hour I have not seen one glimpse of a tree or shrub, only the occasional succulent.   What is visible is some type of cacti vaguely similar to the inhabitants of the North American desert but  nothing I can put a name to.  My cabin mate has told me they are called ground huggers as they grow so closely to the soil.  On the edge of the desert when we first exited the mountain range there was a multitude of these denizens. They came in many different shades of green and ranged in size from a few centimeters to well over four meters across, spreading their tentacle like appendages to take full advantage of the limited moisture here. As we traveled further into the desert they became fewer in number and variety.  At this point I only see the smaller variety and most of these are so pale green that they are almost invisible on the desert floor. 

There have been a variety of travelers sharing my cabin over the last four days. Most of them were traveling to Newton and are now gone, but one young woman has been with me the entire journey. Her final destination is the village of Medici located two hours south of my studio site and I have learned many interesting things about the area from her.  Katryna is a native of New London and has lived in the village for the last two years. Her great grandparents came here as farmers almost a hundred years ago and her family has made the planet their home ever since.  I asked her what a farmer was doing in this environment and she laughed as she explained that most of her family was settled near the green belt  area three hundred kilometers from Delphi. She relocated to the desert area of the planet as the conditions were ideal for her work with the Equine. She was now traveling home after her annual visit to see her family and was excited to resume her work after being absent for several weeks. I sometimes forget the obscure reports we studied while on Earth during our research phase of the project and my conversation with Katryna has brought back clarity to these studies.  

Katryna explained that she is able to interact with the Equine by interpreting the waves emanating from the creature.  She is one of the Neo-Brittanians as the natives call themselves and Katryna is the embodiment of what that name infers.   Since the original scientific designation of the planet was Nova Brittania, they  use the  root of this designation to distinguish themselves from the rest of the population here.  As a fourth generation New Londoner her genetic makeup has been exposed to the Equine for almost a century and from what she explained the resulting mutation manifests itself in different ways.  Strangely she has none of the cybernetic enhancements that adorn most of her contemporaries here and I am curious how she is able to process the Equine information.  I was not brave enough to probe for further information as she was very reluctant to speak of the mechanics of her abilities and changed the subject quickly.  She did relate several of her Equine  experiences in detail and  I have made notes of what she related in my journal for future reference.  It is worth further investigation and it might prove useful to our projects outcome as within her words I glimpsed a hint of the neurological evolution we suspect is occurring here due to the Equines presence.

I have been so intensely focused on the abilities of the natural products on the planet that I had completely neglected the human factor.  I am going to revisit this line of study when I am settled and I hope to convince Katryna to be involved.  I explained to her that I was very skeptical of this type of ability as during my research I found no scientific proof or basis for this type of manifestation. She only shrugged her shoulders and smiled indulgently.  I could see from her reaction that my response was not a new one for her but that she is completely secure in her worth. I am not converted yet but it is one thing to read about something in a report, and yet another to have it speaking to you from across a train berth.  I was fascinated by her many Equine encounters and in spite of our very different beliefs we have quickly become friends. I have learned much from her about what to expect once we arrive in Medici, but she has told me nothing to relieve my concerns about the desert conditions. She assured me that  I would quickly adjust to this type of living, and although the surrounding desert is as stark as our current surroundings,  the village itself and the area around my studio site are prolific with desert life. She is a bit younger than you and I,  having just celebrated her twenty-sixth birthday,  but I felt somehow that she was older and she was speaking to me as if to an older sibling.   I find that although we grew up on different planets and come from opposite walks of life we still share a connection.

I was disappointed last night that you did not revisit me in my dreams.  I am still dwelling on the previous night and I have tried to push these thoughts to the back of my consciousness in order to think about the more pressing plans for the next few months.  There is so much to arrange and this will be my last chance to relax and contemplate  the core of my art before my life takes a dramatic leap into activity.  Meditation is near impossible on the train with the many distractions and I have given up in frustration. I will hopefully have a chance to steal a few minutes each evening during the next few hectic months  to continue the practice so I can allow at least a portion of my brain to stay focused on my art. I also hope you will continue to visit my dreams and guide my work.  

You are forever in my thoughts.

Love Victoria

Letters from Victoria – Letter 16


Geo Train- Sub continent

Dear sister,

I must begin my letter by first relating a dream I had last night on the train. In my dream I found you standing near a lake gazing at a small school of fish swimming close to the shore. As I drew near, you turned and smiled at me. “I have solved the equation at last. See in the water below. It is written on the scales of my new friends.” You stated this clearly then turned and dove into the clear blue water disappearing from my site. I awoke in my sleeping compartment with tears streaming down my face struggling for meaning in what I had seen. I felt a sudden desire to observe the Equine so I threw open the window screen and gazed out at the sky. The night was clear as the train rushed through the dark and I studied the unobscured Equine floating above with additional critique hoping for some inspiration to interpret my strange encounter with you. I then felt an overwhelming sense of serenity pass through me. Sinking back down on the bed, my confusion transformed into the realization that it was only a dream. The sense of loss and panic I experienced as you disappeared below the surface was so real I still fight back the tears as I write this.

I know the dream was caused in part by the total absence of you from my life at this time, but I questions if that is the sole message here. This is the first time in my life that I have ever been completely cut off from communication with you. I realize now it is placing added strain on me that even the Equine struggles to contain. I have turned the events of the dream over and over in my head, but still have come to neither rhyme nor reason as to the meaning. I returned to bed for the remainder of the journey to Newton but I never was able to find sleep again. I have spent my visit to  the city in a mental haze, as lack of sleep and my mental distraction did not promote clarity. It seems essential to understand what the dream could mean, other than your absence, and I will continue to meditate on this when my mind is clearer. We have always retained a close connection even when separated and I believe there is something vital you may be trying to tell me.


I am now back onboard the train, having spent the better part of the day in the city of Newton. Although smaller than Delphi, Newton still utilizes all the environmental and minimalist technologies used across the entire planet. Back on Earth, I was initially skeptical when researching the strict regulations required of the colonists in order to establish themselves on New London. Nonetheless, I am now amazed at how they have kept to these philosophies. They have created an environmentally conservative planet preserving the natural beauty of the terrain, even in the higher population areas. I described in an earlier letter how the use of low light oil lamps to illuminate the streets minimized the distortion of the visual effect from the Equine, but  they also have the added benefit of the lowest emissions of any light source known to exist. The lighting in the cities does not allow for full preservation of the splendid Equine view from the countryside, but compared to conventional lighting it is a great improvement. The use of the local equestrian stock also assists with the conservation process along with the aforementioned geo-trains.

I quickly found the Newton’s Orb Café after exiting the train station and it was not a disappointment. The beverages they produce from the hybrid coffee bean developed for cultivation on New London is nearly indiscernible from the Earth version. There is a pleasant alteration to the taste that I can only describe as nutty. It brings back memories of the pine nuts we picked in Spain on one of our vacations there, only sweeter. I sat for almost an hour in the quaint café savoring my beverage and gazing out the window at the passing people. The storefront contained a hexagonal window commonly used here and I enjoyed the distorted picture it created. The outrageous prices in the attached shop did not discourage me from purchasing several varieties of coffee roasts and a small service set made from the local clay. Each region of New London uses different currency so I have had to rely on my electronic account for purchases so far. When I arrive at the studio site I will find the proper regional currency and convert some of the Louvre credits to tradable coin. Credit is ideal for most of my business and personal needs, but I have found here that the local merchants and street vendors prefer the in hand variety. I made a final stop at an herbalist shop before I returned to the station. I was curious to see first-hand the various new botanicals available here and, if  possible, discover some of their uses. I had meant to seek a shop in Delphi but ran out of time. The owner of the Newton’s Orb directed me to a small shop several blocks away and I spent a very enjoyable hour speaking to the woman there. She was full of useful information and suggestion for my research. I only vaguely outlined my work, but it was enough for her to open up on the subject. She also showed me a botanical book written by a local author and I will try to procure a copy for myself once I am settled. She had only one copy and was reluctant to part with it, referring to it as her main reference. She had many recommendations for herbs that enhance the relationship between the mind and the Equine. Most were involved with improving creativity and wellness, but one in particular was recommended for its electrical enhancement properties within the human nervous system. I took a few notes but as she was quoting portions out of the book she recommended, I will wait and take my research directly from the original source. I purchased a small supply of the discussed substance called pytherium and hope it turns out to be a useful adjunct to my research. If it is, I will attempt to find a source more local to the studio.


We are once more traveling at full propulsion toward my final destination. The terrain has begun to change, passing through heavily forested mountains. Newton is located in a deep valley surrounded on three sides by mountain ranges and a flat plain to the south. We travel first through the northern mountain range bordering the valley and will continue to for most of the night. The altitude is well over a kilometer here and I have seen signs of snow topping the visible peaks. It is high summer in this part of New London, making me wonder how extreme the winters must be here. I now am grateful the studio site is in the equatorial desert region, although I might revise my opinion once I experience the summer heat. We will have to see.

Please visit me again in my dreams tonight, but if you do please be less cryptic.

Love always,


Filling pages

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There is something very satisfying about filling a blank book with a story created out of my imagination. I only wonder  now that it is full if my new blank book will be as inspirational as this one has been. As you can see I wrote in every available space. I am reluctant to let it go.

Inspirational Reading

Spent part of the day today reading “The Letters of Vincent van Gogh” . It is truly inspiring to see what the man was thinking from day to day and how he evolved as a person through the words he wrote to his brother and friends.


Project 8 – Dragon Tapestry Complete

The dragon tapestry is complete.

Letters From Victoria – Letter 15

America 2014 187

Geo- Train – Sub Continent

Dear Analis,

I am making my way across the continent, heading for my new home. It is a four day journey by train and I am enjoying the opportunity to relish the various terrains the planet has to offer. The Equine seems to follow along in the sky above as we speed across the landscape and it gives me an added sense of unfamiliar protection and purpose. As you know, I have always been intrigued by the EM process of transport, so I opted to travel by Geo train for the last leg of my trip. It allows me a good view of the surrounding area and also a chance to experience a fascinating new way of transport. Although there has been various electromagnetic forms of transport on Earth over the centuries, the process on New London has been developed to near perfection by a new element only found here. It is similar to graphene on a molecular level, as it is highly stable, but cavorite (as it has been designated) also has the property of being resistant to gravitational waves. It is named after the material mentioned in H.G. Wells’ historic science fiction novel about the first trip to the moon. A highly fantastic story, but strangely plausible if Wells had only written his story from New London. When cavorite is combined with helium, the resulting material blocks eighty-five percent of the gravitational force exerted by the planet! Cavorite is highly rare and only found on New London so the material is used almost exclusively for the transport industry here. The combination of the cavorite based shell of the train and the use of geomagnetic waves for propulsion has made this type of transport ideal for the environmentally conservative New Londoners. There is no need for tracks or fuel and from what I have noted, geo- trains are the exclusive means of human transport for long distance here. They still use more conventional forms of carriers for cargo, but I am amazed how pristine the countryside remains after two hundred years of occupation. I have traveled for hours without witnessing any evidence of human presence as I watched the scenes pass outside my window. It gives me a slight thrill knowing I will be one of the few pioneers in my portion of New London.


I have booked passage back to Delphi in six months by the same train as there is still unfinished business left to be completed. I received word last night from Addison that a portion of the meteorology equipment needed for my atmospheric testing had not arrived with the rest of the equipment from the Derringer. After several lines of inquiry I found it had been damaged in transport from the space carrier and was being held for inspection. I had to make a late night trip to the cargo quarantine area before I could obtain further information. After examination of the equipment I can happily report that it is repairable. First thing this morning I arranged for it to be picked up by a local repair company. They have assured me the equipment will be operational within four months if my reported repairs were the extent of the damages. I feel more secure in escorting the items in person and it will also allow me to meet with the Flynn representative in person once more during my return trip. My contact from the foundation will be returning to Delphi during that period and I have arranged to meet him. I believe it will ease both our security concerns if we do not share information electronically and I should already have findings to share with him by that time. Since I will not be taking atmospheric reading until the studio is fully operational it will not cause any issue or delay with my work. I only panicked briefly before I was able to make my initial examination. The units are near impossible to obtain on New London and I arranged for only a limited supply of spares to be included in the shipment. A lapse in judgment on my part in retrospect, but luckily the damaged parts are among those available. I wish now I had been more thorough in my selections but there is nothing to be done about it now. I am puzzled by the lack of communication from the transport company and wonder why we had to bring this issue to their attention. I will have to dig a little deeper into this once I have settled as the transport officer offered no explanation when I confronted him. If this had been the only event I would not feel inclined to probe further, but I had an equally strange experience earlier this week.  When I contacted the meteorology department in Delphi they informed me that all solar activity reports were confidential and I did not have adequate clearance for access to them. I explained that I wanted to verify the strange readings our equipment detected on the Phycodurus-8 during the solar flares a few weeks ago.  I was hoping they could supply independent data from New London and assist with predicting any new solar flares in the near future. The person asked me to wait then left the office.  She returned with another woman who explained that they were unable to help me as all solar activity was inaccessible to the general public and I would have to apply for additional clearance.  I filled out the forms she presented but it will take several months to process my request. I left the office very frustrated with the bureaucracy of the whole process.  I knew then that I could set up our own equipment as soon as the site is ready and there would be no need for the clearance other than for the historical data.  This is now impossible due to the damaged equipment. It is a bit too coincidental for me.


We will be making only one stop during the trip where I will be able to disembark from the train for a few hours. Newton is not as large as Delphi but well worth a look according to my fellow travelers. It is located near the halfway point of my final destination so it will be a welcome opportunity for a bit of exercise after two days on the train. One of my fellow travelers directed me to visit a café called Newton’s Orb. We were discussing the cuisine on the train (or the lack thereof) and the subject turned to the availability of coffee here on New London. The café is rumored to have the finest coffee and tea selection this side of the planet and I am looking forward to testing that testimony. There is also a small shop attached to the café that offers their products for purchase and I hope to pick up some coffee to add to my dwindling supply from the Derringer. It was much depleted by my stay on the Phycodurus and I do not want to arrive empty handed at the studio site. I also was told they have a beautiful offering of coffee services created by artists from the local area. Reluctantly I could not bring my antique service grandmother gave me, so I will need something to replace it. It was too delicate for the journey and I left it with mother for safekeeping. I only hope the shop is open during my short time in Newton as I will be sorely disappointed if I have to leave empty handed.


I will write tomorrow with a full description of Newton and hopefully a sparkling review of the café.


Love always,


Project 8 -Dragon Tapestry

Project 8 is now over half complete. Finished the dragon center piece today. Very happy with it so far.

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