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Project 19 – Mixed media

Working on combining my bead work with wire. This is my first attempt. Not certain what it will be in the end.

New Projects – Elf Ears

Working on expanding my media to include wire work. Made my first pair for the Tolkien “Oxonmoot” in Oxford last month, when I performed as Feanor for the costume contest. Have now complete four pairs since then. Fun experience.

Project 17 – Complete – Warning – Genetic engineering used in this area

Completed the Jurassic project. Fun and straight forward.

Project 17 – Nearing completion

Project 17 – Progress update – Warning – Genetic engineering used in this area

Almost at the halfway point. The difference between the last project using myriads of colors and this three color creation is huge.

Project 17 – Warning – Genetic engineering used in this area

Start of my next project. A request from my son.

Project 16 – Dreams of Vincent Complete

This was a very difficult choice for a project. Here is a comparison of the original painting and the finished work. I think something a little easier for my next creation. Any suggestion for the finishing of this piece? It is about 4" X 4" or 10cm X 10cm Would like to finish it as something functional.

Project 16 – Dreams of Vincent – Two palette creation

Nearing the end of this project. First time I had to add a second palette to organize the various colors.

Project 16 – Dreams of Vincent continued

This project is a bit more involved than my previous endeavors. Although it is taking longer I did make progress today.

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