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Project 20 – Anime Tree Half way

Almost to the halfway point of this project. Considering to create a 3D effect for this piece.

Pause Between Characters

After a long pause, I am now ready to begin the next offering from my letter series. Victoria’s narrative will now become silent, as I move on to her sister Annalis. The narrative moves back to Earth and a time three years in the past, right after Victoria’s departure for New London. The break helped me switch writing personalities, since the two sisters are very different. The first Annalis letter will follow shortly.

Project 19 – Mixed media

Working on combining my bead work with wire. This is my first attempt. Not certain what it will be in the end.

New Projects – Elf Ears

Working on expanding my media to include wire work. Made my first pair for the Tolkien “Oxonmoot” in Oxford last month, when I performed as Feanor for the costume contest. Have now complete four pairs since then. Fun experience.

Project 17 – Complete – Warning – Genetic engineering used in this area

Completed the Jurassic project. Fun and straight forward.

Project 17 – Nearing completion

Project 17 – Progress update – Warning – Genetic engineering used in this area

Almost at the halfway point. The difference between the last project using myriads of colors and this three color creation is huge.

Project 17 – Warning – Genetic engineering used in this area

Start of my next project. A request from my son.

Project 16 – Dreams of Vincent Complete

This was a very difficult choice for a project. Here is a comparison of the original painting and the finished work. I think something a little easier for my next creation. Any suggestion for the finishing of this piece? It is about 4" X 4" or 10cm X 10cm Would like to finish it as something functional.

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