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May 2017

Project 14 – Knitted Turquoise 

Here is my latest project complete.  It was created using the book Beaded Knitted Pendant Bags written by Theresa Williams

Letters from Victoria – Letter 35

Dear sister,

Once again you return to my dreams. Silver snowflakes tumble from the leaden sky, covering your shoulders in a glittering mantel. Your auburn hair is pulled back away from your face and cascades down your back in an elaborate braid glittering with drops of melted ice. You are clad in the ensemble mother created for your first visit to the opera but now in a mature rendition. The lake behind you is frozen and I can just make out the fish struggling to reach the surface. They collide with the ice in a vain attempt to crack the thick rime separating them from the world above. You gesture to the sky above and when I direct my gaze up to the snow ridden air I see the Equine. It’s form is just visible through the thick cloud layer and I can make out a strange distortion maring it’s beautiful form. The creature has become elongated. Straining horizontally three times the normal width. An overpowering sense of suffering reaches me from the Anomaly. Panic and extreme exertion radiate from the space above, filling my mind beyond it’s limits and crushing my delight at seeing you. I pull my gaze from the sight above and focus once more on your face. There is sorrow in your eyes and tears flow from them to drop like frozen opals onto the snow covered ground, I stare at the quickly growing collection around you marveling at the reflection of the Equine within their opulent surface. Although I welcome your return to my dreams, I awoke this morning very unsettled.

I have just returned from my run, totally exhausted but saturated with life stimulating endorphins. I forgot how invigorating this natural form of exercise can be having depended exclusively on the simulator since my departure from Earth. The systems were necessary aboard the Derringer and space lab but I should have made more time here on New London for natural exercise. I have been relying on the computer environment installed in my workshop for my daily exertions but I realized this morning it was inadequate for my current mental state and I made the decision to extend my run to the outdoors today. Not only because the weather condition are now ideal for this type of activity but it was the only way I could pull my spirit back to the present. My thoughts kept returning to that icy shore and the tormented creature above. I knew the simulator would not be sufficient to return my attention to the present and it has been a good reminder of my enjoyment of this natural activity. I have now returned to a semblance of my normal self but the need to relay this experience to you should be the final treatment to allow me to return to work. I cannot begin to interpret the meaning behind this vision but on any type of level it was not encouraging. It brings back the view of the Equine we saw from Earth that will soon be visible here on New London and the growth towards the Flynn foundation satellite. I hope our original conclusions for the movement are correct and that the Equine is reaching out to the children in order to assist the research there. The vision last night brings a more sinister prognosis for the elongation of the Anomaly’s limbs and the idea creates an ominous atmosphere for my thoughts to dwell in. The run has not totally washed away these dark ideas but I am able to analyze it now with a bit more logic. I will return tomorrow to the Equine journal as I seem to find guidance there when I most need it. The entries strangely correspond to my current situation and although this may only be coincidental it is equally comforting either way. A small nudge of guidance if you will from my companion above.

Katryna arrives tomorrow and I am as prepared as I can be for her apprenticeship to begin. I have the one reference piece of the Anomaly completed and enough raw material for her to produce the basic spectrum of paints. The first task will be the discovery of a green tint material to replace the pytherium and also a native source for the canvas conditioner. I only hope my present state of mind will not be too evident when she arrives but I fear this will not be entirely possible as she is a very perceptive soul. I am not ready to delve into our dream encounters at his time since it would interfere with the work she will be undertaking. In the future it might be helpful to consult with her in the interpretations of my dreams but for now I want to keep them to myself. They are to intimate to share as they are my only contact with you for now. 

I have completed the setup of the metrology equipment, including the creation of an interface with the lab equipment in the workshop. Hopefully this will streamline the direct comparison data between a real time solar event and the lab equipment readings during the same period. The shielded bunker built for the atmospheric units should block out any erroneous signals from the planet surface and record only the noise projected from Alpha Centauri. The only issue with the setup was the miscalculation of the bunker size. I forgot to include the increase in size of the liquid helium separation unit. Since it needs to be ten centimeters longer to compensate for the atmospheric conditions on this planet this was not included in my original designs. It is a little tight within the structure now but since I do not need to spend more than a few minutes a month inside this should not be an issue. The isolating gap for the liquid helium to encapsulate the receiver was sufficient so at least that part of my designs were not affected by the thinner atmosphere of New London.The passive environmental controls create a stable atmosphere within the space so the equipment will also need a minimal amount of maintenance. Before sealing up the bunker I did scan the strange symbol inside the atmospheric scanner. I have compared it to the shield symbol present in my notes from the Louvre. They are identical. I am now convinced you placed this inside the unit before it was assembled. I am very curious why you did this and did not mention it to me, but since it will be six month before I am able to ask you I will have to be patient. It is not a normal thing for you to keep secrets from me. Maybe a little mystery to keep my mind busy or a distraction to pull me out of my artistic stupor? Whatever you reasoning I will have to wait and wonder. 

I feel the workshop whispering my name. I only hope the dream last night will not affect my next representation of the Equine. I will begin my work day with one of the stronger music selections from the conservatory. That should bring up memories of the creature during the performance in Delphi and push the visions of  last night to the back of my thoughts. I would rather paint the dancing Equine than the distorted vision I experienced over the icy lake.

With loving thoughts. 


Letters from Victoria – Letter 34

Dear Annalis,

Once again I am immersed in my art, returning my attention to the interpretation of the emissary above. The addition of the music I purchased in Delphi to the atmosphere of my workshop has been amazing. I find myself transported back to that magical night, lost in my painting for hours on end, stopping for neither sustenance nor rest. I was finally forced to pause mid-week, but only to receive the delivery of the metrology equipment. The incessant clang of metal on metal drew me out of my dream state making me aware that someone was outside in the courtyard. I then remembered that Addison was away from the site for the day and quickly wiped my hands of vermillion and went outside to investigate. A large Calvinite suspension vehicle sat just outside the fence and a woman was banging a heavy rod against the gate. I apologized for the delay and opened the gate indicating where she could unload the crates. She noticed my intent gaze as she hefted the heavy rod that she had used to get my attention onto her shoulder. She said she rarely had to use it for protection but it made an admirable implement to gain customers attention in the rural areas. She then proceeded to unload the equipment using a lift utilizing the same calvinite principle as her vehicle. I then thanked her for the service and once  I had watched her vehicle disappear out of site, returned to me studio. 

I have completed another full version of the Equine and also a small comparison work for the start of Katryna’s training. I focused attention on the separation of the various materials in this latter painting to create an easier study piece for her. She will need to decipher the individual materials and then replicate the tint using the supplies I have arranged for her. It was difficult to pull myself away from my own work to produce this basic piece but since this was the final preparation I needed to complete before her arrival next week I can now fully concentrate on the Equine. 

I can already see the influence of the music in my new interpretation. The memory of the Equine’s display during the performance in Delphi remains vivid in my mind and as I paint my hand automatically adds the oscillating patterns to the rendition, The music fills my studio, echoing through the space bringing back full recollection of that night, These patterns are not currently visible in the structure of the Equine but their memory within me are clear. I only hope that during the next scheduled performance in Delphi I will also be able to view the creatures response here. I obtained a copy of the conservatory performance schedule when I visited there and have added these dates to my agenda.

I returned from my travels fully loaded with goods. I purchased four audio performances from the conservatory along with a list of musicians willing to make contact with me. I also have a new supply of coffee from the Newton shop along with a selection of teas. Unfortunately the herbalist shop visit was not as successful since it had only a small offering of the pytherium. I purchased all that she had in stock plus a copy of the indigenous plant guidebook she referred to on my previous visit. The proprietess remembered my interest in the book and kindly ordered one on the off chance I might return, The book has a large section on the cultivation of native medicinal plants and the woman thought it was possible for me to grow the pytherium at my studio. She gave me some cuttings from her own hydro-garden and I carefully stored them wrapped in moss for the remainder of my journey. They are now transplanted in the agricultural cube behind my studio along with my other agrarian endeavors. Since the normal atmosphere of the studio location is to arid for this material the aqua growing cube will be my best chance for success. I was able to purchase enough supply for the next few months but it will not be enough for Katryna to utilize during her training. I will only have to find a substitute for this vibrant color since the electrical and physical properties are not relevant to her apprenticeship. 

Before I began my new piece this week I read the next offering from the Equine journal. I had hoped for some insite to how the Equine growth is connected to the information it receives. I was not disappointed in my answer as you will see from the following transcription. Once again, I have not altered the wording from the journal.

-Myriads of unconnected information travel up and down her neural streams. The information is slowly gathered into pockets, categorizing each loose piece to fit into a specific location in the framework of her patterns. The sections begin to build and new formations appear in organized, easy to interpret formats. She continues to arrange the information until all the uncontrolled signals are neatly traveling down predetermined pathways. She now feels able to continue her search and turns her attention once again outwards. She has yet to find a specimen worthy of in depth contact. The neural strength required by her to continue needs to be more robust than her last few encounters, The beings so far could have been easily damaged by a more sustained contact. Somewhere in this vast area there must be a suitable candidate.-

Reading this last entry I realize either my ability to understand the conversation with the Equine had improved during my illness or the Equine’s interactions with humans was increasing its knowledge of our language. The journal still refers to the creature as female but my conscious interpretation is still one of neutrality. The entry was very brief but supplied a new insight into the inner workings of creature.

Tomorrow I will begin first thing to set up the metrology equipment. If I do not I will get caught up in a new vision and we will never have any atmospheric data. Since this is a necessary piece of the research puzzle I will focus my attention there before I step foot in the workshop. It will be interesting to see how the atmosphere of New London changes the wavelengths emitted by the Equine as compared to the reading taken from your new lab. It should take two full months to accumulate enough numbers for an adequate comparison. As soon as I have these files I will send them to your data cache. The equipment aboard the Phycodurus-8 should have more than enough information for you to compare to by then and as soon as you are recovered from your travels we can begin the next stage of the project. Creating a piece of art reflecting these two experimental location and bringing the full Equine encounter to the citizens of Earth. I am still working on how to incorporate the music into the equation but for now it is a great companion to my creativity.

Love Always,


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