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April 2016

Leafy Sea Dragon Bead Project 3

I began a new beading project this week.  I created the pattern myself using beading graphing paper and the photos I took at the Monterey aquarium a few years ago.  Here is the progress I have made so far.

leafy 1

Letters from Victoria – Letter 4


Derringer 8

Dear Annalis,

I have received a message from mother that you have been ill.  She did not elaborate on your type of ailment, only that it was not related to the regen.  As I had not received a response to my last letter to you, I hope you do not mind that I contacted our parents to check on you. As you have reached a critical point in your regeneration, I was concerned. As you know how reluctant our parents are to use the new technology, I was happy to receive the update from mother. I am relieved that your condition is not connected to the regen and that you are improving.


We are exactly one week away from the jump coordinates and the medical division on board is preparing us all for the initial steps of stasis.  We all have to report daily from tomorrow on for inoculations. The injected cocktail of drugs gradually slows the cellular activity of the body until the final injection on the sixth day which is used to suspend all atomic level activity. This will place us in stasis for the jump. We were informed that the first four days of the process are so gradual that there is only a subtle effect on the body’s motor functions, similar to a few too many alcoholic beverages. The next two days are more intense and we will already be in  place in our designated cubes for the jump as normal body functions are affected. We will still be cognisant during the fifth day, so I have been told it seems to last an eternity till the final step of the process is completed.  I know they pipe in music and have visual stimulation in the cubes, but as the motor and neural systems are so impaired it is not certain what effect they  have on the tedium and anxiety of being immobile.

I have continued to use the sports facilities during the last week of travel.  It is recommended to assist with the after effects of the stasis.  The Equipment in the facility is designed to calibrate the body’s cellular activity so it will return to normal quickly after it is removed from stasis.  I hope this is the case with me. During the quarantine I will not have the luxury of a long recovery as will the other passengers. I must transfer to the Phycodurus 8 as soon as I am able so I can have the maximum time with the new lab.

I have finished the initial outline sketches of the anomaly from holo studies I brought with me. I pulled some new data from your research site to enhance my own, including the new radio frequency diagrams you included from the last few months.  Amazing!!! I compared my composite drawings from a few months ago to what I have now.  There has been significant growth of the leaf structure on the side of the array closest to Proxima.  If I look at the system diagram surrounding the phenomenon, that places the growth towards the medical satellite built by the Flynn foundation.  They are the organization studying the effects of the anomaly on juvenile diseases.  The colors and radio emissions are also more distinct in this sector of the anomaly.  It this where you are going with the idea that the array has intelligence? Do you believe it is choosing which location to help the most?  I am curious if this observed flux in the structure of the anomaly is reflected in the results the research facility is having.  I will try and pull up as much data as I can from the Flynn site before my stasis treatment progresses too far. Maybe you have already done this, but sometimes it is better to look at things from two different viewpoints.  I have included the finished outline of the array with this letter.  When you are back to work, please have a look and see if my observations correspond with yours concerning the Flynn satellite facility.


On a personal note, I have broken my normal anti-social ways and made a friend on board. The chef I mentioned in my last letter – Nicolas – Has turned out to be quite entertaining during the long hours on board.  He has even invited me to visit his ‘endeavor’’in New London when it is up and running.  I call it an endeavor as depicting it as just a restaurant does not do it justice.  He will be using a new process of food preparation that I have never heard of.  Think along the lines of something between molecular gastronomy and metabolic training. As it will take him several months to set up his establishment it should correspond with my own time line.  I will be ready for a break from my work about then as I will need the data to accumulate before the true project work can begin.  His facility will be located several hours travel away from my studio so it is not a case of just popping by for a drink. I think you would like him.  He has a very dry humor – not always politically correct- but I like that as you know.

I hope your recovery is swift and contact me as soon as you can.

Love as always,


Back to the beginning – The Beaded Tapestry

So I am taking a break from beading projects and letter writing today and posting an excerpt from my first book The Beaded Tapestry. I just flipped through the book and copied here the first page. I have changed as a writer since I wrote this book and am tempted to re-write the entire thing.  At least it needs a good edit. I was never  very good at past tense. Although I wasn´t going to do any editing I had to make a few corrections as I went along. Tomorrow back to letter 4 in my series – Letters from Victoria.  It is now in my sisters hands for editing.


The Beaded Tapestry Page 1

The sound of clutter being moved filtered from the front door of the oversized workshop. A women´s voice could be heard. It sounded as if she were talking to a pet or maybe a small child. “ Now Plink, I asked you a hundred times not to get into my beads. I know you think they are pretty, but look at this mess.  It will take me all morning to sort this out and I have a client coming this evening.“

A small cobalt blue tail peeked out from behind a skein of yarn.  It had small shiny scales covering it´s surface. The sound of tears falling on the scales had given the dragon his nickname. “What am I going to do with you.  The woman grinned a Plink.  She was a fortune weaver, the only weaver within two hundred miles.  This fact obviously kept her extremely busy. “Mistress Ellyna,“ a young voice from the door said.  Ellyna turned around to speak with the young girl at the door.  She looked to be around fifteen, with short golden curls lying on her shoulders.  “Yes Paige. What is it?“ “There is a carriage approaching from the north road.  I believe it is your evening appointment, Master Lenan.“ Paige replied.  “Oh dear, he is not supposed to be here till this evening.  It is not even midday yet.“  Master Lenan had asked Ellyna to perform a foretelling for his daughter who was about to give birth to his first grandchild.  The man was hoping Ellyna would see a son in his daughter´s future. “Please Page straighten up in here.  I must ready myself if I am to be os any use to him.“ Paige looked around the workshop in dismay and stared with wide eyes a Ellyna.  “Well,“ Ellyna said with a shrug. “At least make a path through  flotsam for our guest.“ With this statement Ellyna picked up her pale blue skirts and trotted toward the main house.  This day was not turning out the way she had planned.

As she neared the cottage front door she slowed and took a look at the carriage making it´s way around the curve of the road.  Usually she preferred not to get a look at her client before she sat down for the actual reading, but the carriage caught her attention. This was not her scheduled client.  Master Lenar was a successful merchant, but he could not afford four horses for his traveling pleasure.  Ellyna unconsciously swept her dark hair back into the combs holding it back and straightened her skirts.

The carriage stopped about thirty paces from the front door and the driver and footmen descended from their posts.The woman who exited the carriage was not what Ellyna expected.  Her dress was not up to the carriage finery and neither was her demeanor.  A youth of around ten popped out behind her. He was dressed in finery but this did not stop him from running ahead of the woman and opening the gate of Ellyna´s fence by swinging on it.  Ellyna stared at the boy with his raven hair streaming behind him every time he swung the gate open. “Now Lord Ryaan you must not do that.  I have already been reprimanded about your appearance and torn clothing.  We must not have a repeat of that.“ The child jumped down from the gate but not before he gave it another push.  The woman walked through the gate and up the flagstone steps that lead to Ellyna´s cottage door holding up her plain green skits as she walked.

Good morning Mistress.  I am here to see Ellyna the Weaver.  I have some business I wish to speak with her about.“ Stated the woman as she approached the door of the cottage.  “I am Mistress Ellyna. How may I assist you. I was not expecting anyone this morning or I would have been prepared for your arrival.`Ellyna responded looking at the woman questionably.  “This is an unexpected situation. I hope you can accommodate us.  We have come all the way from the city of Enalden.“ Ellyna started at this statement.  Enalden was the crown city of her province Armindan. If this woman was from Enalden, she must be someone important despite the presence of the carriage.





Bead Project 2 Complete – Beaded Blanket

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Here is the completed amulet bag – Beaded Blanket.


Beaded Blanket amulet bag

Here is th body of my next project. I am now ready to finish off the amulet bag and add the accessories. I decided to do something a little simpler before I start my leafy sea dragon.

beaded blanket

Letters from Victoria – Letter 3 -Here is the third offering from my letter series to my sister.


Derringer 8


Greetings dear sister,

Thank you for the letter. It arrived via the last data dump just as we traveled beyond Mars early this morning. I hoped since I woke early that I could beat the other passengers for a good viewing spot on the observation deck for my first view of Mars. I guess everyone had the same idea as the deck was already packed with people when I arrived at 0600 ship time.  I did manage to squeeze in next to a family with two small children. I could at least see the view out the observation window over their small heads.  As we passed well beyond the gravitational influence of the planet, it looked more like a small red marble floating in space than a planet over 6790 kilometers in diameter. It was still well worth the early rise. Not something to inspire artistic tendencies  but interesting none the less.  

So I gather from your letter that the regeneration of your arm is going as planned.  Slow but steady finishes the race so the saying goes. I can tell you are impatient for a quicker regrowth.  Please be patient.  Just remember what happened to our cousin David when he tried to manipulate the speed of his leg regen. He ended up with four toes.  Not a huge issue for a leg regrowth, but for an arm that could be a tragedy.

You also mentioned in your letter that there is more information on the abilities of the phenomenon.  Can you elaborate on what you meant by It can adjust to different situations? As I see nothing posted on your research site, I assume this is a new unsubstantiated theory you have been working on.  What did you mean by ‘’ the creature chooses who to help and also how much”? Are you leaning toward defining this array as a living being instead of a scientific anomaly.  Maybe even intelligent.  From all our research i never got this impression. I realize you have sent your letter over the normal data stream so you could not be more specific.  It is not the most secure, but you have my attention.  I have paid the extra fee for the encrypting account for deep space messages.   I have attached the encrypting instructions for the program with this message so you can do likewise.  That way you can send your finding with more confidence of the security.

After the Mars viewing I spent the rest of the ship day exploring the parts of the ship allowed to the passengers. There is a small exercise area on each deck and several more of the small coffee cafes. Each cafe has a different holographic program. Like the one on the level near my quarters each scrolls through different images to music. The most frequented by the passengers seems to be the one with the environmental scenes from New London with inspiration music written for the array.  There are several holos of the new population center of the planet along with some fantastic images and artistic renditions of the phenomenon. There is even one set of images from the landscapes outside the habitation area.  As the phenomenon is the main drawing point to New London, I have not often seen pictures of much else. It was interesting to see what the planet looks like. I am looking forward to doing some exploring once I arrive if time permits.  


I have returned to my room for the evening following a rather tasteless but supposedly nutritious dinner.  The food on board is not the best but as this is only for a few weeks I can deal with it.  The same does not go for all the passengers.  I sat next to a professional chef at dinner tonight.  He spent the entire meal complaining about the food and boosting about the type of meals he will create when he arrives at our destination.  It seems he has a position waiting for him planetside as the head chef for one of the top luxury facility on New London. I gather from Chef Nicholas’s description that it caters to the growing number of elite guests attempting to benefit from the effects of the array.  He had a vast knowledge of the edible flora and fauna present on the planet and I have made some notes on my wrist pad. I will send you a list a future letter as I have almost reached the data limit with the attached cryptology instructions.  

Please write back as my curiousity is peaked with your new findings.

Love always


Letters from Victoria – Letter 2 – Here is the second installment from my letter series.

Leafy Sea Dragon 2

Aboard the Derringer 8

Dear Annalis,

I have moved to the small coffee café to write my next letter. My assigned quarters on board are so small I knew every millimeter of the space within five minutes. Luckily there are many spacious community areas to relieve the feeling of claustrophobia. The coffee corner is by far the smallest and most private and I find it ideal to begin our onboard correspondence.  They have decorated the café with a holographic wall scrolling through various impressionist paintings. It is strange but welcomed  to see Monet’s lily ponds splashed across my vision first thing in the morning.

The coffee is surprisingly good. A bit on the weak side, but who wants a ship full of people jumped up on stimulants. The café includes a small sweet with each dispensed drink. Some type of caramel fudge with a mixture of walnuts. A delicious but unexpected treat for an automatic café.

The trip has gone  without  incident so far. After a short shuttle ride from Brighton station (two hours), I arrived at the deep space transit  station EM-40. Since the station’s orbit around the moon placed it on the Earth side during my visit, I was excited about getting a good view of my home planet before leaving it for awhile. Unfortunately the only glimpse I got was a blurry blue ball seen through a small port on the station. It was obvious that the EM-40 was not set up for the tourist trade. It was very utilitarian and had few viewing ports. Of these, most are so damaged by impact with small space debris that space outside is not worth viewing. Thus the blurry blue ball that I suppose was planet Earth.

The Derringer 8 was docked close to the shuttle hangar and after a short administration check I was able to board. I cannot tell you how relieved I am that I did not make my arrangement for travel on the freighter fleet. I saw one of the  ships docked near the Derringer and it looked quite unsafe. I know it was not,  but I feel better about using the extra allowance within the project for a passenger liner.

As soon as all the passengers were on board, the ship coordinator gave us an overview of what to expect during the voyage. We are scheduled to reach the outer planets within twenty days. After that we will report to the stasis division of the ship for processing before the ship exits the solar system. I have heard stories about what it is like to stay out of stasis during the Gambol process. I am glad I will be static  for the jump to the outer rim. It is described as having your insides placed next to you, and your outside layer traveling on. I haven’t read what it is like when the two meet back up at the end. As I will be unable to correspond during my two years of suspension, please continue to write. I will catch up on you letters when I am released from medical on the other side.

My accommodations  include a small reading/research station. It has an amazing database transferred from the Smithsonian. As the agency has taken over all data storage on Earth, it is listed as the most comprehensive data source available on just about every subject you could wish for. There is a large collection on our research subject at New London. Most of the information available I have already seen, but there was a new article published several weeks ago that I had  not seen yet. It commented on the growing number of artists flooding to the colony to immortalize the anomaly in all mediums possible. I am happy that our proposal to the Louvre has already been accepted and our sponsors are in place. Including the scientific aspect of the phenomenon combined with the artistic view  I believe  made our proposal stand out from the other supplicants.

I hope all is well with you. As I sent my first letter hard copy by a courier from Brighton station, you will probably receive this strip beam  letter first. Leave it to you to be so sentimental as to want an actual letter in your hand as a memento. I see from you status on the university site that you have returned to your research on campus. I hope this means your health has improved and not that you are fed up with being cooped up in the house. Please update your research on the array as often as you can. I will use all your saved data for setting up the new lab when I am retrieved from stasis. The Derringer will enter the Alpha Centauri system very close to the Array. Although the best artistic viewing of the phenomenon is from New London, the best scientific points are from outside the solar system, away from the atmospheric influences. I will have a total of four weeks to set up the new lab on the observation platform Phycodurus-8. That is where the Derringer will make its first stop after jumping. After that there is another two weeks to spend to studying the unobscured phenomenon. That is the length of time the Derringer 8 will be in quarantine before being allowed to continue on to the transfer station above New London.  So six weeks for one person to do what we calculated would take two people. What else can we do but hope I become more efficient than I normally am.

Tomorrow early we will be passing beyond the orbit of Mars and begin the acceleration to our Gambol point. As that will be the last data dump from the strip mail,  I Am hoping there will be a letter from you included before we switch to the new data retrieval system for deep space.

Love as Always


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