Studio – New London

Dear Analis,

I have disturbing news over my lost journal and am struggling with what the repercussions from this discovery will be.  Addison came across the book among the items belonging to one of his team.  An altercation broke out between two of his workers and one of them was fatally injured during the violent confrontation.  The man that was killed was apparently a mole placed within Addison’s team by the Cultavists.  I am not certain if he was connected to the renegade group or a more official branch but as he is now unable to answer any questions I don’t think we will ever know.  One of his fellow worker, a man named Fells,  discovered  him using the electronic communication equipment inside my studio and confronted him.  There was a half finished message on the screen and Fells could see my name and Katryna’s name standing there before the man could block his view. During the ensuing struggle for control of the room, Fells claims to have stabbed the man in self defense.  All I know for sure is what I witnessed myself.  Addison and I were busy inspecting one of the storage units and we heard a loud outbreak coming from the small room that contains the communication equipment.  By the time we entered the room the first man was dead, stabbed through the heart.  Fells claimed he was attacked first as he tried to secure the message from the other man.  Hiis story seems to be true as  Addison discovered a small molecular dissembler in the palm of the assailants hand, which was trapped beneath his fallen body.  I do not know where he could have obtained a weapon of this magnitude since I have only seen one of this type in the hands of the riot police on Earth.  It is illegal for a private citizen to possess this type of fire power on Earth and is completely banned on New London.  Luckily the man had been unable to wipe the message he was busy with and we were able to retrieve what he had completed. It was indeed a message about Katryna and myself.  It described the nature of her arrival here and the date.  There was also a short description of what she provided for her client and her assumed abilities relating to the Equine. There was  also some details about my work here and the possible repercussions this interference could have on the Cultivist agenda for the planet. It also included a list of the equipment present in my lab. Some were mentioned by name but the unique equipment built by you was only physically described as he could  not have known what their use was.  Fells is a New-Britannian the same as Katryna and they view spying and subterfuge very darkly. When Addison and I searched the dead man’s personal area after the incident we found my journal inside a locked case along with a wrist pad and charge unit.  When we studied the charge unit we could see that it had been damaged recently and would not have been able to charge the wrist unit anymore. This would explain why the man had risked using my communication equipment to attempt an outgoing message. He must have been using the wrist pad up until now to send information, but I assume the appearance of Katryna and the fact she is a well known Equine link prompted him to risk contact with his superiors by alternate means. We have informed the security forces in Newton of the occurrence as Addison believes this is beyond the limited staff in Medici. The Newton division are arranging an investigating agent to be sent  here and have asked us to detain Fells until they arrive. Addison has already moved the body of the alleged spy  to the construction storage container used to store the ice molds for the clay bricks. He also placed the man’s possessions within his  personal lockcase for safekeeping. . It will be several days before the inspector arrives so I am happy this option is available.  Fells seems accepting of his situation and Addison has allowed him to continue his work unimpaired till the authorities arrive.  Since the crew is now down one man already this seemed the best option.  

I am happy to have recovered my journal but the circumstances in which is was taken and then recovered has opened up some disturbing possibilities. I do not have the heart at this time to delve into the contents of the journal as I am still disturbed by the activity yesterday.  I hope by tomorrow I can steel myself enough to study my scribbles as I suspect something within the journals  pages prompted this man to instigate it’s theft. Katryna is scheduled to return in two days and I struggle whether to postpone her arrival until after the inspector has completed his inquiry. I could use her steadfast company to calm my mind but I do not want her  to become involved with this tragedy as she was not here at the time. I myself do not feel safe at this moment  and since I do not believe the death of this man will cause the Cultivist meddling to cease I am not comfortable risking her presence. I do not know why these people feel threatened by my work but if a molecular dissembler and secret wrist units are involved I feel fairly certain it is bigger than a disgruntled construction extremist.  Addison has worked with this same team for over two years and no one suspected there was a spy in their midst. There has been many security sensitive builds completed by them and this revelation is not sitting well with Addison.  He has been in contact with the head of his division to let him know about the potential leak and also to request a replacement for extra personnel to complete the build.  The man that was killed specialized in the water production and reclamation equipment and there is still work to be completed that Addison cannot do himself.  The studio and outlying buildings are still connected to the water storage tank so it will not disturb operations,  but once this storage is depleted the air to water extractor will need to be operational.

I will stop for now as my eyes are slowly closing on their own.  This is the first time since I arrived here that fear has entered my realm of thought.  Fear for myself, but also for you.