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July 2017

Letters from Victoria – Letter 41

Dear Annalis,

I have so much to tell you that I do not know where to begin. The Equine, the food, the atmosphere or my state of mind. It has only been three days since my arrival here in the mountains but I feel the experiences of a lifetime have already been squeezed into this time.

I will begin with my introduction into the culinary aspect of this amazing place since this has been the focus of my visit here and flavors all occurrences thereafter.

Nikolas and I ate together on my first full day here, sitting down to a sample menu prepared by his team. I had never experienced molecular gastronomy and it was more similar to watching a science experiment being conducted than a meal preparation. Each selection featured a native ingredient as the focal point, manipulated and deconstructed to enhance the Equine influence on the material. I have been using the local sage for my Equine interpretations but Nikolas uses this ingredient in a whole different way. It is the centerpiece for one of his gastric starters and was the first item brought out to our table. Large blue-green leaves the size of my out stretched hand were stacked on a plate and laid on the center of the table between us. The food engineer then stood before us with a shallow dish full of billowing white clouds. Nikolas explained that the dish was full of liquid nitrogen and was specially designed to keep the gas to liquid conversion to a minimum for the duration of the first course. The sage leaves were then laid flat in the dish for several seconds before they were removed and placed on our plates. During their brief stay in the cloudy dish, the sage caused the vapors to take on the color of the leaves producing a vibrant turquoise waterfall cascading over the rim of the dish and flowing across the table. Small savory tidbits were arranged in a semicircle around the table in stone bowls by a second assistant and I was instructed to choose any combination I desired to top my sage leaf. The leaf had become a thin crisp platform for the variety of morsels to sit on and when I bit into my creation the flavor from the sage infused every bite. It did not overpower the other items but enhanced them. Urging my taste sensors to open up and experience the food on a new level they had not previously been capable of. There was a total of seven demonstrations and I can not say that any one was more amazing or better than the others. Normally the food engineer gives a full explanation for each stage of the meal but since I had the head chef at my side Nikolas gave the narrative himself. It was a wonderful way to end my first day here since I had worked up quite an appetite during my activities earlier. I know it is strange to narrate out of chronological order but the meal was such a core part of the rest of my experience here that I had to set the stage in this way. The Incredible aromas encircling the dining room are still vivid in my memory even several days later as if they still linger just out of range of my senses. I will now return to a more timely narrative.

From my first encounter with the area designated the Monolith of Contemplation I was enamoured. It was the first location I visited when I awoke the first morning and was a wonderful way to begin my adventure. The view from the high platform has no comparison at the complex. It was built exclusively to emphasize the Equine experience and create the ideal atmosphere to enhance the spirit connection with the creature . The entire area is of monochromatic construction using only the dark blue agate stone native to New London. The high polished platform is encircled by a dropped outer ring allowing a person to stand in the center of the inner circle and have the illusion of an eternal drop to the rainforest below with no support structure visible. The outer circle is invisible from this vantage point and allows for an area of private contemplation without interfering with the upper activities. Around the outer ring, stone meditation seats carved out of the same blue stone are arranged to allow quiet undisturbed study. I spent an hour on one of these couches, gazing at the triple layer scene in front of me. The green of the rainforest below flowing into the blue of the sea and the misty Equine in an azure sky above. I was entranced by this vision. I most likely would have remained there till darkness fell if the attendant for the tea ceremony had not been sent to collect me for my session.

Once she had gained my attention the woman led me on to the higher platform and sat me directly on the stone in the center of the circular space facing the Equine. There were no seats or any type of obstructions present and I could look out across the surface of the polished stone floor and see the reverse reflection of the creature with no interference. It gave a mirrored infinity effect as the reflection of the Equine stretched to the edge of the platform and met the actual Equine suspended above, forming one continuous image. The attendant placed a small copper kettle ensemble in front of us and took a seat to my left. The apparatus stood a little over a half a meter high with the kettle resting on an elaborate stand constructed of silver metal. The filigree of the stand was intricate, bent into many different shapes and symbols. Another woman brought a small black cube a few centimeters square and placed it under the kettle in a small fitted niche. Fine white cracks and fissures ran through the entire structure of the cube creating a marbled effect on its surface. The second woman then placed a small pitcher of clear liquid and a glass flask of water next to the stand before leaving us alone on the platform. The ceremonial attendant then introduced an herbal mixture into the top of the copper kettle and added the clear water from the flask. She then took the pitcher with the clear liquid and slowly poured it over the embedded cube. I watched the device for several moments before I noticed the cracks in the cube begin to change from white to a deep ruby red. Vapors rose from the cube as the applied liquid evaporated and the black form took on the appearance of a mottled lava bed. It was mesmerizing to watch and I felt myself pulled into the pulsing flow of colors moving below the kettle. A strong scent of jasmine infused the air around us mixed with a tinge of burning cedar wood. The smell pulled me out of my trance and I could now see the steam escaping from the kettle as the attendant removed the vessel and poured out equal portions of the now golden liquid into three cups. She placed one in front of me and the second by her. The third was place in the center of the Equine reflection. The third cup sat on the stone, steam rising up to envelope the vision of the Equine above adding to the already misty vision of the creature. The attendant then welcomed me with a raise of her cup and indicated that I should drink. We drained our steaming cups in one swallow and then sat for several minutes watching the third cup dissipate its heat. When the final wisp of steam left the chalice she picked up the third cup from the stone platform and poured the cooled tea on to the reflection. The liquid was immediately absorbed into the stone as if the polished surface was limestone deep within a cave parched from its long dry existence. After several minutes the woman arose and thanked me for the opportunity to share my Equine experience with her. She then left the platform allowing me to enjoy my remaining time in quiet meditation with the creature. If you ask me to describe the taste of the tea I could not. Only the scent of the ceremony and the vision of the Equine are all that remain of my experience. It was the first time I have seen anyone make an actual offering to the creature. I used my remaining time focusing on my meditation practice of Hermeticism, attempting to capture the full experience and remain in that single moment in time.

As my session ended and I exited the platform I saw several visitors lounging near the steps waiting to ascend. Before midday the top of the platform is reserved for the welcoming ceremony and private contemplation. After that it is open access to the visitors as long as respect for the other occupants is observed. I realized I was the last ceremony of the morning as I stumbled down the stairs a little dazed from the experience.

I will continue tomorrow with my narrative. The description of the meal Nikolas produced for me deserves a letter all on its own.

Love Always,



So I am trying to write and my thoughts keep returning to why hummingbirds have never established themselves in Europe. I miss their presence.

Project 16 – Dreams of Vincent continued

This project is a bit more involved than my previous endeavors. Although it is taking longer I did make progress today.

Writing on location

Working on letter 42 in the train to Den Bosch. Sometimes writing in a new location can inspire.

Letters from Victoria- Letter 40

Dear Annalis,

My journey to the mountain complex is now accomplished. Although it was mainly uneventful it was a lesson in the transportational modes of Neo-Britannia. The first leg of the journey was by Geo-train as I previously stated and the second stage by Zephyr ferry. What came as a surprise and later dismay was the final piece of my trip by suspension bus. I know it is an amazing engineering feat allowing for smooth transport in the rough terrain between the sea and the resort but it would not be my chariot of choice if anything else had been available. The final sixty kilometers from the sea landing to my destination was nearly vertical as the bus made its way to the top of the cliffs and alighted on a high platform skirting the immense complex. Nikolas was there to meet me and he had a small knowing smile on his face as he watched me exit the craft none too gracefully. The last hour created something akin to motion sickness in my equilibrium and I had to move slowly, keeping rapid motions to a minimum until the condition passed. Seeing as I had traveled halfway across the galaxy with minimal affect this reaction caught me unaware. Nikolas said the reaction was common due to the motion of the compensators that stabilize the transport and the change in elevation. He had also experienced the discomfort on his maiden trip to the resort and assured me that I would recover quickly. A good night sleep and something to settle my digestions in the morning was all I would need. He then whisked me away to his quarters before I was able to even look around my new surroundings.

I have now returned to normal as this new day opens and am ready to attack my new environment. I am looking forward to spending the morning exploring the area before Nikolas completes his work and can join me. The air here is amazing. Rich with the smell of loam from the rainforest below and heavy with suspended moisture. I can feel my skin drink in the sea mists rising from the coast below after the parched existence in the desert. I had only a glimpse of the Equine from my high perch before turning in last night as Nikolas did not let me tarry at the disembarkation point.. Luckily the entire east wall of my sleeping quarters is glass and I was able to stare at the creatures suspended form as I fell asleep. I arose this morning to hazy sunlight streaming into the window revealing a far off view of the sea and the rainforest below. Above this scene the Equine hangs, shrouded in mist and vapors. The creature has lost none of its beauty but has transformed into a new vision. I had watched this transformation as I made my way across the sea. The colors have become muted but also are adjusted to new shades not seen in the desert climate. My other senses also have adapted, focusing more on the smell of the sea air and the touch of the salt crystals forming on my skin as I stood on the deck of the ferry. Since my visual perception has been the main focus of my existence over the last few months, I welcomed this return to the use of my neglected organs. Even my hearing seems to have awakened further even though I have spent the months since the concert focusing on this particular function. Listening to the consortiums music while I work, attempting to discover an avenue for this art form in our work. I stood on board the deck of the ferry late into each evening of the journey, listening to the lap of the water against the bow and the far off sound of breaking waves on the shore. The Equine was suspended above me, still and calm but not completely silent. There was an emanation present, a melodic vibration seemingly just out of my hearing. It was as if a heavy drum were being played far off across the water and only the vibration could propagate through the material of the ship. I could almost feel the waves traveling from the Equine, bombarding my skin with ever fluctuating frequencies just out of my audible range. After leaving the ferry and boarding the bus I can no longer detect these signals. I hope now that I have recovered my equilibrium the phenomenon will return. I do not know if it had something to do with the carrier properties of the sea or rather the heavier atmospheric conditions of this region but I look forward to investigating this new form of reaction to the Equine further.

My first visit today will be the Monolith of Contemplation. Nikolas suggested it was the best way to start my experience here. A few hours of meditation to clear all preconceptions and a ritual tea ceremony performed by a native Neo-Britannian to welcome the new visitor. He instructed me to ask for a specific custom where and ancient English spirit kettle is used. They were once heated using a methane burner but now the tea is kept hot by a method designated as vulcanite flame. He would not tell me what this was since the revealing of the heat source is part of the wonder of the rite. Later in the day he will meet me for dinner. He has arranged to cook for me tomorrow and promises a taste of the many delicacies described to me on our voyage over from Earth. Tonight the service will be performed by members of his top staff.

I can feel my mind and body returning to a much calmer place as each day separates me from the conclusion of the creative phase of the Equine rendition. We knew this first stage would require the most energy on my part and I am relieved my mind remains intact after its completion. I believe now that this is the ideal place to regenerate my energy and allow me to continue to the next phase of our plan. I still must turn my attention back to the dream journal but I almost feel I can do that now.

Safe journey,


Letters from Victoria- Letter 39

Dear Fellow Traveler,

A bleak and eerie entry from the Equine journal to begin my journey, Together with the equally dark dream I had last night, I feel the desire to share this occurrence with you. I will begin with the narrative from the Equine since it is foremost on my mind. The dream will follow since I also need to relate it.

Silence ensues throughout the surrounding space. Black, matterless, void of energy. No voices rise from the limits of her perceptions. The molecular deconstruction is complete. She is the last. Constricted into the last sustaining sector of her failing macrocosm with no outlet for escape. The loss of her community weighs greatly on her along with the occupation of why. The space continues to diminish and it becomes impossible to degrade her structure further without complete loss of mass. The acceptance of her demise is complete and she embraces the final moments of her exponential existence as it arrives. Her sensors shut down one after another until only a single point of awareness is left. A small gleam of energy is sensed at the apex of her shrinking space. The spark pulses from a miniscule slice in her ever collapsing capsule. Only a molecular distance across, she seizes the chance and slips through. Condensing herself into a string of quantum particles escaping one quark at a time. Stretching her mass to its extreme limit and emerging again on the other side of the exit as the slice in the infrastructure snaps shut.

I can feel the power of this entry all over again as I relate it for you. My heart is pounding and I feel every muscle along my spine spasm at the thought of such constriction. I am normally not affected by tight places, but the idea of being squeezed out of existence is terrifying. There are only three more entries in the journal before I come to the end but I hesitate to continue with my research. The narrative continues to darken as I near the end and I am not certain I want to experience it. If the Equine was not a constant visible reminder in the sky assuring me that it survived this dark adventure, I do not think I could continue with the journal. I always did read the end of the book when the story became too intense. Wanting to reassure myself who survived until the end. Since I know the creature will survive this story I will not skip to the end. If only I could read the end of our novel and see how it turns out. It would comfort me to see us happily enjoying our finished work surrounded by an appreciative audience. Oh well, I must stay with the present and concentrate on the here and now. Dark reading brings dark thoughts as father always said. I wonder what he would make of the next part of this tale.

I awoke this morning to a gloomy house. It was over an hour before Alpha Centauri was scheduled to show its head above the horizon and I was confused what had caused me to exit my sleep. The flagstone floor was cold beneath my feet as I stepped into my workshop and made my way to the door leading out onto the outer courtyard. Someone was standing just beyond the light of the open doors. They had their hands raised above their head, tracing patterns in the air. I walked closer watching the appendages forming intricate spirals and shapes in the blackness. Lights began to gather wherever the hands made contact with the sky, creating bright iridescent pictures until the figure was completely encased with an incredible halo of luminescent and color. It was as if the stars above were drawn to the the outstretched limbs, coming down to the planet surface to dance for them. I must have made some audible reaction because the figure suddenly stopped and dropped their arms. The beautiful patterns disappeared and the speckled night sky returned. I felt a moment of loss and thought at first it was due to the disappearance of the display. I then realize what was missing from my vantage point. The Equine was no longer in the sky above. Only the twinkle of stars and the empty inky black of space. The figure turned as I realized this loss. Thinking to see Katryna I was completely shocked when it was your face revealed by the glow from the doorway. I was just starting to work out why you had come to New London first instead of your New Lab when you collapsed onto the ground. I ran to your side and bent down, You were holding your hands together protecting something against your chest. I bent closer and you opened your fingers slightly. Within the cage created by your hands I could just glimpse the Equine. You slowly lifted your burden and deposited it into my hands, closing them tightly with your own. Your form then slowly faded, leaving me alone kneeling in a completely dark world.  

It wasn’t until the last instant that I realized I was dreaming. I can still feel the heat of the Equine within my cupped hands and the stones against my kneeling legs. When I did actually wake up I spent the morning in a daze, trying to complete the final preparations for my trip, If it had not been for Katryna I am not sure I would have made it to my train this afternoon, This is a lot for me to digest on my journey. I had hoped that the Equine entries would provide some distraction from the dream when I open the journal during the first hours on the train. Adversely it seems to have only emphasized the dark emotions I am already imbibed with. I am going to wait for a few days before continuing my journal study. I would like to see Nikolas before I put any more strain on my psyche. Luckily there is no need for me to paint during this emotional period. I cannot imagine what my creative brain would produce in my current state of mind. After I arrive at the mountain retreat we will see if I can continue till the end of the Equine chronicle.  



World becoming reality

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