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July 2016

Letters from Victoria – Letter 11



My sweet sister,


I have returned to the Derringer and find the routine onboard calming compared to the fast paced preparation that was required to complete the setup of the lab. Although the view from the ship is not as intense as from the Phycodurus, I am still able to continue my work uninterrupted. I have lost the meditative effect experienced in your lab but in spite of that absence I have completed a second full color rendition during my five days back on board the ship.  I hope once I renew my work on the planet surface that this response to the Anomaly will return. It has greatly enhanced my work as can be seen when I compare this last completed portrayal to the ones done on the space station. This last piece is lacking the clarity of outline and inner workings I observed on the phycodurus. It is still a piece worth saving for research as it adds verification to our theory of the Anomaly’s influence under different environmental conditions. The chance that the full meditative influence of the Anomaly will return once I am planetside are auspicious as there have been several papers written by researchers stationed on New London describing very similar experiences. Therefore I am determined to foster  my relationship with the Anomaly once I am settled in my studio.

Nicolas seems to have returned to his healthy self after the stasis and we have resumed our nightly meals together.  He is full of plans for his molecular gastronomy, and our conversations focus mainly on what New London holds for his future establishment. It is difficult to speak to him about our work, as most of the information is either classified or so steeped in scientific jargon that most of my explanations fall short of keeping his interest. I tend to revert back to an explanation of my previous art and technical experience and that has been helpful in keeping the conversation two sided.  He seems perfectly happy to primarily discuss his plans, so there has been no great issue there.  

I have resumed my physical activities in the exercise area of the Derringer.  Since I have been living and working under low gravity conditions for the past few weeks, I am concentrating on increasing my endurance before we reach the planet.  The gravity on New London is slightly higher than Earth, so the medical staff has issued a recommended regimen of exercises to smooth the transition from half g to a little over one g planetside.  I admit I have not followed this schedule exactly, but I am making progress.  I was able to complete the program yesterday for the first time with the added ankle weights so I am quite pleased with myself.  By the end of our journey I should be ready to handle the full gravity of New London with little to no effect.  Since I will need my full energy when I arrive, it is essential that I follow the medical advice to the letter as far as my system will allow.

We receive daily reports now of the conditions on New London.  Although there are still small incidents in Delphi it seems the violence has decreased significantly over the last few days.  The reports credit this reduction to the leader of the Cultivists.  The majority of the incidents originated from an insurgent group that had broken from the main sect several years ago.  According to Cultivist communications their leader, Patriarch Tanager, is in negotiation to slow the violence and reinstate the lost members back into his fold. It seems to have helped and I am feeling more secure with the planned landing and my stay in Delphi. As we had not heard any of these reports on Earth before we left, it seems logical that the trouble is isolated and short term. My previous rant over extremists taking over the planet were a bit premature and I have renewed a more positive outlook for the condition that I will find when I arrive. I find my thoughts frequently wandering to visions of my new studio and how it will be when it is completed. I miss the outdoors and my heart goes out to you when I think of your long planned assignment on the Phycodurus-8.  I hope you will be able to travel at some point to New London during our planned work.  Unfortunately we did not included this in our proposal to the Louvre so it may not be possible,  but I wish for it all the same. I realize because of the nature of your research that it is best to be done in close proximity to the Anomaly. I only wish you were not so driven and thought to include some type of absence from your work during your four years scheduled on the space station. The longer I am separated from the  natural environment the more my thoughts return to you and how difficult it will be.  I know you have a stronger adaptability than I and there is always the escape of the atriums on the space station, but still I am concerned about the lasting effects you will incur from living an extended time in artificial conditions.  I guess I am asking for trouble, but as I said it has been on my mind.  I crave the feel of grass beneath my feet and the sound of nature in my ears.  

I feel our dream unfolding every second as I near the planet.

Thinking of you always,


Visit to a Paris Cafe

Made a weekend visit to Paris for some inspiration for my writing.  One of the spots I most wanted to see  was Les Deux Magots. This cafe was once the haunt of Hemingway and Picasso.  Although it was a beautiful location and the atmosphere ideal for sitting and watching people, I did not encounter  any ghostly insight from past visitors.  Not a wasted visit but also not the experience I was searching for.

Project 6 – Completed ivory and bronze amulet

Project 6 is complete. I took a little Victorian steam punk inspiration to finish it off.

Project 6- Ivory and bronze amulet

imageStarted a new project yesterday. It will be a small amulet bag necklace when complete. I am using a book pattern this time. Wanted to do something simple but elegant. I think it pairs well with my Victorian scissors. It will be a little bigger than a postage stamp when complete.

Letters from Victoria – Letter 10



Dear Analis,

Reluctantly I am preparing to leave the station tomorrow. I believe my time here has been used wisely and I have become strangely attached to your humble lab space.  Obviously it is you I will miss when I leave here as your presence is felt every moment I work in the lab.  The transport from the Derringer-8 will be here shortly after midday and I will be back on board the ship by the following morning.  It is a short trip compared to the journey from Earth but since I will be sharing the small passenger space with ten other travelers it will be a little confining.  It is difficult to fathom that in fifteen days I will be setting foot on New London.  My temporary lodgings in Delfi have been confirmed and as soon as all the formalities for the debarking process  are completed I will immediately begin planning the final leg of my journey.  I heard some disturbing news about the conditions in Delfi so I will arrange that my stay there is as brief as possible.  It seems the protests and demonstrations instigated by the Cultavist sect have escalated.  Some of these have turned violent and though no one has been killed there has been a number of injuries. The confrontations are mainly between the sect and the security forces within the Delfi area but there are also reports of property damage and civilian harassment in the outlying areas. Since these are mostly centered around the more populated areas of New London I am hopeful it will not interfere with my plans. I find it sepulchral that what was once deemed the creative epicenter of the human race is now plagued by the violence of close minded extremists. I hope we can change this in the following years. With the new influx of families and artist scheduled to arrive in the next two years I believe we can tip the balance on New London back to the artistic and scientific endeavors.  From the reports it seems more a center for religious fanatics and belligerent lotus-eaters.  I was never one for involvement in causes,  but I believe this may be my exception as I have never felt this type of dedication to any project in my entire life.

Okay I have had my rant for  today.  On a more positive note I I have made contact with the hired contractor for the build of the studio. He assured me all is on schedule and the majority of the building materials and supplies are already onsite.  As usual on New London all has been stored in temporary underground storage containers so the chance of theft or vandalism is decreased. Addison has been on New London for two years and is an exclusive contractor for the scientific and artisan society. This is his first project for the Louvre and he has given me the impression that he shares our enthusiasm for what we are trying to achieve. I was surprised that he knew such detailed information about our work but it seems the Louvre found it important he was well informed so that the build would go as expected. As there are many specialty supplies needed for the construction of the studio, Addison needed detailed instruction on what they would be used for so there would be no substitute material ordered. This gives me great comfort as I will now have assistance from someone familiar with my new home.

I will give you a bit of advice before you transport to the Phycodurus.  Find a good supply of coffee to bring with you.  The food on board the station is decent and they make good use of the hydroponic crops, but they have not produced any type of natural stimulate close to the real thing.  They do have a synthetic substitute and I know it will in no way satisfy your addiction, so be forewarned. I realize this is information that would have been more helpful before you left Earth, but I had no idea until I arrived onboard. I find it strange to find this lack on the station but I guess they do not have the same priorities as we do.  The coffee on the Derringer was palatable and maybe you can convince the commodities officer on board your transport to arrange a supply for you.  I will try and send you some after I am set up in my new home but I am not sure if that is possible. I now find myself contemplating the condition on New London. It may be that I  have to find a way to grow a coffee crop myself.

The planning officer for the lab sector of the station has all your in depth instructions for the maintenance of the lab over the next year.  She assured me that your instructions will be followed to the letter and that she will send me updated reports of any issues that might arise.  She seems a very competent technician and I believe she will solve any problems with efficiency and speed.  This is reassuring to me as I feel I am running off to join the circus leaving your child to fend for itself.  I know this is what we agreed to but as I stated before I am reluctant to leave but I am also excited to begin my new life.  I will have to schedule a session of meditation tonight or I will never be able to sleep.

Love Always



Project 5 -Desert milky way complete

The desert milky way is complete. It will be placed in a lighted shadow frame for display.

Letters from Victoria – Letter 9

flowers 2


My Dear Analis,

I am laying on my bed attempting to calm down after a very trying day.  The morning started very productive and I was able to complete my first full color rendition of the Anomaly.  Unfortunately that was the end of my endeavors for today.  As I was heading to the observation deck for the midday meal all the bells and whistles on board the ship started to sound.  You can imagine my panic as we are drilled of the dangers that can arise on a deep space station from the moment we step onboard.  I changed my direction immediately and headed toward the muster point assigned to me.  Most of the lab personnel were already gather there and we were quickly directed to the emergency shelter of the station.  It turned out that a series of solar flares were detected originating from Alpha Centauri B. In the past this has caused unexplained responses from the area of space around the Anomaly. As a precaution the station places all non-essential  personnel in extra shielded areas of the station during the event. Needless to say it was not a pleasant afternoon sitting with thirty fidgeting  scientist and technicians in a twelve by twelve meter room for six hours. All of which were complaining about the necessity of the quarantine since they all wanted to be in their lab environments to study the Anomaly during the event. I gathered from the various conversations that the flares were not an uncommon occurrence and many of the longer residence here were questioning the need for such precautions.  It seems their instruments had not picked up any abnormal readings from the Anomaly during the past flares and they were convinced there is something going on that is not being shared outside of official channels. We were finally allowed to exit the shielded area late in the evening and I only had a few minutes to check the equipment for damage before returning to my quarters.  I did not discover any issues with the instruments  but I did notice some strange readings from the optical enhancement unit and the wave unit. They showed significant fluctuations during the alleged times of the solar flares. As this could also be due to the heightened tensions on board during the emergency conditions,  I am not convinced they are detections from the Anomaly.  I still cannot rule out this possibility as no other lab has this type of equipment on board. I have marked all this data with special notations so you can analyze them at a later time.  When I arrive on New London I will contact the meteorology department so they can alert me of any future solar activity.  That way I can send you a schedule for future reference to compare the current data with those from future occurrences.

I now have three composite drawings of the Anomaly along with the full color piece completed today.  I have decided to leave at least one of these composites on the space station for you.  I have not decided which one yet as they all include important but different aspects.  I will know which one will be best for your research before I leave.  I have reluctantly found it necessary to revert to my Hermetics practice of meditation over the last few days. I am no longer a devote follower of the Theorem and I found this a bit hypocritical even though it has turn out to be helpful. As the days have ticked by my emotional instability has decreased and I can now work with a clear purpose.  I was so full of sensory overload when I first arrived that I was worried it would not be possible to use my time here productively.  I will likely not get another chance to study the Anomaly in this type of environment again so I am happy my mental acuity has stabilized.  I can still feel the storm coming and I catch myself standing at the observation window expecting to hear the sound of thunder.  It never comes but the view of the Anomaly brings me back to the present.  I am not sure if it is the renewal of my meditation ritual or the influence from the Anomaly. I am more inclined to give the Anomaly credit. I feel that it is a focal point grounding me  in my own skin.  Allowing me to live in the moment and not slip forward or backward through time.  This is a new thing for me as you know.  I can be so easily distracted by the little things. Regret and disappointments from the past and worry over the future have always flavored my craft. That was what drew me to the Hermetalists in the first place.  The response I get from the Anomaly is altogether different than my experience with the faith.  It is not the mesmerizing reaction caused by the rolling formation of clouds or the incoming waves on the beach.  These are the tactics used for my previous meditation practice.  The Anomaly focus my attention instead of diverting it.  I spent six hours yesterday and four hours today on the color image and my mind was centered completely on my work.  Not a good thing for my digestion as I forgot to eat but very beneficial for my art.  It is by far the most accurate depiction of the Array I have completed.  I begin to understand the concept of pre-recognition that has plagued the artist and scientists on Earth.  All of us had our first view of the Anomaly from photos and  research originating from Earth.  We already had predetermined images in our brains of how the Anomaly looked from those depictions.  Yesterday I concentrated on seeing the phenomenon for the first time without any preconceived ideas of what I should be seeing.  I determined that I was missing something several days ago as I was working on a piece of equipment on the far side of the lab from the observation window.  I caught a view of the Anomaly from the corner of my eye and there appeared to be additional appendices that were not there when i turned back to the window and looked at the view full on.  I immediately looked back at my previous work and I realized how distorted they are compared to what I see now.  I wonder if the readings from the equipment will reflect these differences also.  I spent yesterday and today trying to capture the true image of the Anomaly. I have compared my current work with the last few painting I completed on Earth.  They are worlds apart in color and complexity.  Seen from my current perspective the internal structure of the Anomaly is similar to the working of a clock.  I can see rhythmic pulses and rotating components within the core of the array.  The appendixes seem to flow and ripple with unseen wave currents. On Earth it was like I was studying a still life and now the live model has arrived in the studio.  

I see that I have begun to ramble.  That is a sure sign that it is time for sleep.  I have scanned the completed color rendition with this letter so you can view it while reading my description.   It is also available on the lab archives along with the rest of my work completed here.

Know that I think of you everyday.



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