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August 2016

Project 8 -Dragon Tapestry

Here is the first few rows of my new project. I am using an antique tapestry chair as a guide.

Letters From Victoria – Letter 14

America 2014 192Delphi, New London

Dear Analis,

I find my desire to immerse myself in the serenity of my art overwhelming at this time.  I have spent the last few days in the disagreeable task of arranging our business affairs with the many agencies located here in Delphi. Thru history there has always been a bureaucratic entity present in all major population centers and New London is no exception. I realize that what I have been doing here over the last few weeks is paramount to the success of our project but I find I am losing patience quickly with the amount of paperwork needed to establish myself and our dream here.  I have finally reached the end of this clerical nightmare and the final documents were signed today at the land registration office.  We are now the proud custodians of forty acres of desert mountain property and the permits to build.  I will have to thank the contractor as he completed quite a bit of the preliminary work before I arrived.  It was still a large undertaking and I am glad to be heading to the build site first thing tomorrow.  I have missed father’s keen clerical sense more than ever over the past few days and I yearned more than once to be able to channel his abilities across time and space.  

The scientific community has won out over the artisan in the designation of the Anomaly.  The official name has been announced by the committee as Glauert’s Eques Mass Spectrum Array.   There are still hints of compromise with the artisan community in their choice as Glauert was the historic anthropologist from Australia who was responsible for categorizing many of the sea denizens there back in the 19th century.  There is a certain romanticism in the choice of names and I have heard the Equine being used as a popular alternative to the scientific designation.  I am ecstatic that some reference to the small sea creature it resembles remains and as I tire of calling it the Anomaly I will also adopt this more than appropriate epithet.

My trip up the coast was a magnificent experience and I have filled my artistic mind with the unobscured vision the countryside had to offer of the Equine. Nicolas was equally enchanted and he seemed to gain added momentum for his endeavors if that could at all be possible. He has now been gone over two weeks to his new home and I find myself missing him already. I know this is mainly caused by my work being on hold until I am established and I hope once I am immersed in my studies that the infrequent visit with him will be adequate to sustain our rapport.  A relationship at this point is not ideal for either of us but I would not rule it out in the future.

From what I have observed the turmoil in Delphi has slackened while I have been here.  Although there is a feeling of tension on the streets that is almost palpable between certain groups, there has been no signs of actual violence.  The Cultavist leader was able to curb most of the activities caused by his lost flock members, but there is still conflict between the security forces and the various activist group present in Delphi.  Near the admin complex a small demonstration was evident when I was there to meet the planet registrar. The small group of people were a mix of Cultavist and eco-scholars protesting the use of the Equine for profit. The flash boards carried by the Eco-scholars displayed pictures of construction sites all over New London and the supposed destruction of the natural resources in the name of progress.  The boards carried by the Cultavist displayed logos representing  the many artificial research facilities located near the Equine including the pictogram for the Phycodurus-8. The message was the same under all the photos.  Stop the abuse!! It is strange how these types of images never change over the centuries. Even for a planet that has been focused on the natural preservation from the beginning of its colonization,  it is still not enough to satisfy all the people. At least this demonstration was peaceful and I only heard a few demonstrators  screaming obscenities at the outside of the building. I was not able to determine who this was directed  against  but there was definitely hostile words toward the security force blocking the building entrance.  I will be happy when I am well away from the center of civilization and busy with the ecological destruction of my own special piece of New London.    

I have found time in the last few days to contact the Flynn foundation headquarters here.  I had a stroke of luck in that respect as one of their top researchers is in Delphi for business. He has agreed to share certain  information with us on an informal basis as long as we agree to use this knowledge in confidence. This will relieve any threat of breaking our security agreements with our respective employers and maybe we can assist each other in our goals.  I realize this is a bit of a gentlemen’s agreement, but as we both have the same risks of disclosure I am trusting our arrangement. Dr. Falton was very interested in our observations about the growth of the Equine and also about your theory of its intelligents.  As these two items have not been included in our research for the Louvre as yet I felt comfortable giving up this knowledge as a sign of trust. He shared an overview with me about the construction parameters they used for their complex and also what type of conditions they are focused on treating.   A very noble cause if I am any judge and it seems logical that the Equine would be interested in giving them preferential treatment. I have agreed to stay in contact with him on our combined progress as long as neither of us breaks our confidential agreements.  I hope you are agreeable to this as it is impossible to ask your opinion at this time.  

I have begun to count the days till you arrive and we can discuss these types of things before I act.  I am not confident in making all these types of decisions on my own but as we discussed the impact of the Equine on the Flynn foundation before we left Earth I have set the ball in motion.

I remain your trusted partner.

Love Victoria

Letters from Victoria – Letter 13

Leafy sea Dragon

Delphi, New London

Dear Analis,

It is with great joy that I announce my arrival on New London and that I have taken up temporary residence in the city of Delphi. It is everything I imagined and much more.  The mixture of old world character and new world technology combines to produce a fascinating atmosphere. The spaceport is well outside the populated areas and we were shuttled into the center  by hydro taxi. Delphi is fashioned after a supposed 18th century model of Amsterdam  and the use of waterways for transport is almost exclusive.  With the ready supply of water from the Salsburg Ocean Delphi is built on, it seems the logical solution to traffic congestion and environmental conformity.  The small streets are filled with mainly pedestrians but there is also many animal  drawn vehicles. From what I see they use  some type of modified equestrian stock similar to Earth horses but more suited to the higher gravity. They are stockier and possess thicker limbs than their terrene cousins. I have created a few sketches of the roanian’s as they are called and I will include them with this letter.  As the taxi made its way to my new apartments,  I found myself staring equally  at the Cyber-mechs and Cultavists mixed in among the other pedestrians. The mechanical alterations I have observed so far  are similar to those seen on Earth with one exception.  The Cyber-mechs all include a symbol on their embellishments that represent the Anomaly. Similar to a mix between  the ancient druid symbol for the letter E and Z  but with added floridity.  I saw this symbol everywhere as we entered the city and it seems to be also a representative for the artisan community that use cybernetics to enhance themselves and the effects of the Anomaly.  The Cyber-mechs here call themselves the Equestrian wayfarers. They are so similar in appearance to the so called  Mech youths of London that I can imagine myself back once again on the street of London.  The long black coats lined with silver mesh would not  seem out of place in our old home and there are hundreds walking around in this uniform in the streets of Delphi. Most of the cybernetics I saw on this populous were facial enhancement for vision but there were also many artificial limbs that hint at specialty crafts and abilities. I wonder how Nicolas feels about these additions as he has them by no choice of his own.  

My temporary accommodations are small but adequate for my short stay here and ideally located within walking distance to  the vast social service establishments I must visit during the next few weeks.  The bulk of my belongings and most of my work has already been sent ahead to the studio site by special courier so the lack of space is not a burden. I am happy my rooms are above street level as the buzz of civilization is reduced.  Compared to the near silence of my quarters on the Derringer and Phycodurus, the sounds of the city are deafening.

Unfortunately we arrived at the spaceport during the daylight hours and I was not able to view the Anomaly in its full glory before we entered the city. The use of modified gas lamps within the city allow for adequate viewing of the Anomaly during the night  but the true splendor of the Anomaly is best seen in the darkest hours from well outside the city.  Even during the daylight hours the power of the anomaly is evident.  The moment I disembarked from the shuttle and  stood in the unobstructed atmosphere on the planet surface I was inundated by my first experience of the  full sensory array emanating  from the Anomaly.  Analis, the feeling is so indescribable I was left speechless. If we are able to follow through with our ideas for the Louvre to capture this experience, it is beyond imagination the lives we will change on Earth.  I find it hard to believe there could be any type of ill will or violence in the presence of such overpowering feelings of positivity and focus I experience here.  I am beginning to solidify my suspicions that the Anomaly does not affect everyone the same.  I realize this plays into your intelligence theory, but I believe you are closer to the truth than the scientist who believe it is only an astronomical body.  As we discussed before, the growth towards the Flynn satellite was very profound in our time view from Earth and now the added observation of how different groups respond to the Anomaly point toward a guiding force involved here.  If this is true I hope the Anomaly finds us worthy in our endeavors.  We must remain confident of the good our work will bring to mankind and hope the Anomaly shares our ambitions.  There is no evidence at this point in time of added growth toward the Flynn satellite, but I will focus a portion of my research to follow that particular phenomenon during the next year as I did with your equipment.  This will allow us to closely monitor the changes first hand as was not possible on Earth.

I must sign off now.  I have an appointment with the Louvre representative in an hour and I have a few things to prepare. I have made plans tomorrow for a short trip along the sea coast with NIcolas before he continues on to his new establishment.   I will write upon my return and give you a description of the Anomaly from outside the city.  We are hiring one of the  roanian carriages to make the journey.  The fuel based vehicles here are used almost exclusively for cargo transport  between the population centers so there are many creature drawn vehicles used locally for short trips.

I remain your dedicated sister.


Project 7 – Completed framed flower garden

Complete project 7 today. I arrange it in a photo frame with a silk backing to bring out the colors. This one will be difficult to give up.

Project 7 – Framed flower garden

Project 7 is almost complete. A few more small flowers and a border frame is all that needs to be done.


Letters from Victoria – Letter 12

America 2014 193


Dearest sister,

The planet nears every day and I now have the first view of my new home.  I am amazed how different New London appears from space than Earth and I find myself sketching my final destination, attempting to grasp the reality of what I see. The photos available on Earth of the planet are no comparison to the actual site.  We are three days out from our landing window and the entire ship is buzzing with activity and anticipation.  I have given up trying to work on the observation deck as the influx of people makes it impossible to concentrate.  This has become an advantage as the view of the Anomaly is partially obscured by our destination and has now become an incomplete study for my work.  I had forgotten after the calm discipline on the Phycodurus-8 what it was like to be in a civilian community.  Even during my life in London I rarely had interaction with young lives working mainly in my studio or the museum basement. There are families everywhere on the ship now and many excited children feeling the pull from their new world.  It makes for interesting study of the human condition but not for artistic endeavors.

I have heard from the contractor Addison that his team has begun work on the foundations for the studio.  The near desert conditions for the site are giving him some difficulties as the ground is more sand than dirt but he still reports progress.  I question myself if I will be able to adapt to the drier conditions as we have lived most of our lives in England, however the low atmospheric moisture in this region of New London are favorable for viewing the Anomaly  so I believe it will be the idyllic location to continue my work. There is also the added benefit of ready access to the supplies I will need to produce my finished masterpiece. I will have to complete the final testing on the local materials myself for this to be certain, but the initial test results given to me by Addison are favorable for our goals. I have also received an updated map of the area as the survey I possessed previously is twenty years out of date. The new map shows that  it is still a very remote site and I will be several hours travel away from the next settlement, but I was shocked at the increase in population in the region.  Nicolas has also given me information on the location of his establishment.  Since the treatment there is not as dependent on the visual aspects of the Anomaly but on the waves emanating from it, they have situated the wellness center in the tropical mountains.  The high altitude increases the healing effects of the Anomaly and the environment around the facility also produces most of the needed supplies for their treatments.  As I have said before, as soon as I have established my studio I will take a short trip to see him.  The cost for even a short stay are astonishing but Nicolas has assured me he will arrange something.  It will also be an ideal time for me to study the other processes being used from the benefits of the Anomaly. It might add some insight into what we are attempting.

I am not sure if I will be able to write again before our landing due to the incredible chaos onboard at this time.  I am now at full gravity in my training so I am as ready as I can be for the next phase.

Hopefully my next letter will be composed to you by a denizen of New London.

My love always


Project 7 – Framed flower garden

imageStarted project 7 this week. It will be a gift for a friend. Using a book pattern but modifying it for the finished work to be framed.

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