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May 2016

Project 4 –

Slowly making progress with my 4th project. Looks more impressive with the light behind it. This has been the most challenging beading project so far but  I am experiencing the needed visual effect I was looking for to influence my writing project. I can now invision where my character is traveling to.

Project 4 – Beaded Galaxy

I began a new project this week.  It will be a beaded galaxy when it is complete. As it is an original design created by me I began by mapping it out on graphing paper.  This did not work so well so I am free beading without a pattern. We will see how this goes as I normally work from a set pattern.


Letters from Victoria – Letter 5


Derringer 8

Dearest sister,

I was delighted to receive your letter,  including the attached data from your last few weeks of research.  It supports my observations of a trend towards the Flynn foundation satellite.  I have gathered as much information as is publically available from the Flynn research site but nothing to make a definitive conclusion about the effects of the anomaly. With your professional credentials you may be able to request further information.   For me, I am at the end of my access.  As I am now in the third day of stasis treatment, I am fairly certain I will have to leave off any further work until after the jump.  It has a subtle effect on me for the moment, but I feel my mental acuity is not at it’s top form.  After the jump I anticipate you will have enough new data to instruct me on the setup of the lab equipment for optimum results.  If the trends remain the same for the shift in the anomaly, I think our first target should be the area of the array closest to Proximus.  I can program the equipment to adjust for different areas of the phenomenon every six months. Any shorter time than that and the data will not be conclusive.

From what I have read there will be an official designation for the array by the time I am out of stasis.  I know there has been much debate between the scientific and artisan communities on how to categorize the phenomenon.  As there is still not enough information to place it in any type of scientific genre, I am curious if they will come up with something completely descriptive or push for a more scientific approach. Three of the members of the committee are from the Louvre so I am leaning toward a more artistic name.  Maybe that is just the artist in me but I can still dream.

The internal  humm of the ship has changed as of this morning. It has been a constant companion during the voyage and until this morning has had a calming effect on me.  That has now changed and I feel my entire system is on edge.  I don’t know if it is due to the stasis treatment or if the engines of the  Derringer 8 are also preparing for the jump. Sadly Nicolas has not taken well to the stasis injections and has already been moved to his cube yesterday.  I am surprised how quickly we have become friends and I miss his company already.  Once he was moved to his jump cube I have not been able to see him.  This is unfortunate as I did not get to say goodbye and I will not see him again till after I have set up the lab.  Even then it is possible I may not see him till we arrive on New London. The med staff has informed me that his reaction is not uncommon and as soon as he is removed from stasis at the other end of the jump he will be back to normal, but that might mean he will have to be under medical observation longer than the rest of us.

I will  write one more time before I am placed in my designated cube for the trip.  I finished my last drawing of the anomaly last night and will include that with the next letter as it still needs to be scanned for encryption.  Included you will find the color spectrum changes I have observed in the holos and also a more detailed sketch of the leaf like structures expanding near Proximus.  I do not want to do any further renditions till I am recovered from stasis at the end of the journey. Having developed a small tremor in my right hand from the injections, I fear it will effect my work for now. I would not want to taint any of my future interpretations of the phenomenon with the effects of the treatments.  As we have seen in the past, even an emotional trauma such as your accident can affect how I interpret the structure of the array. I did keep the sketches during that awful period after you lost your arm, but I will not use them for our research.  They feel wrong!! I know how you regard my unscientific notions concerning the anomaly, but I cannot change who I am. Once a Hermeticalist, always a Hermeticalist.  My art professor once described me as the most esoteric of the Hermetics and I took that as a compliment.  (I do not believe he meant it as one)  But do not worry. I will not be joining the Cultivation society when I arrive in New London.  You know how I feel about followers of the Machiavellian arts. I am too realistic to believe in that sort of nonsense.

Again I cannot tell you enough how much I miss you and wish you were here.



Leafy Sea Dragon Complete

Here is the completed Leafy sea Dragon. I decided in the end to make it a sun catcher as it looks great with the light behind it.

Leafy Dragon Project 3 Near completion

Almost completed project 3. I decided to complete it so it could be hung in a window. It looks great with the sun behind it.

Leafy complete

Leafy Sea Dragon Project 3 – Near completion

So I have almost finished the 3rd of my beaded projects. I am still not sure what to use this for as it is larger than the amulet bags I normal create.  Any suggestions would be welcomed. It gives a hint as to  what the anomaly looks like in my letters from Victoria series.


leafy 8

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