The space around her has become stable. The vast propagation of filaments has decreased to a mere trickle of what was once present. She has enjoyed her interaction with this continuum. Searching all that was within her purview. Allowing her emotional functions to once more become dominant as her system settled to its new surroundings. Studying the new frequencies and emissions when each new life form appeared. The fascination with the emissions from the small sphere create a focus for her attention, drawing her to the various frequencies and emotions the sounds produce in herself and the lifeforms themselves. New clusters of these same beings have continued to appear over the period of her study. Most are positioned in an arc surrounding her now stabilized position, but a new addition hangs apart. The new aggregate draws her attention, radiating a distant frequency that pulls her awareness to this new sector of space. Newly formed creatures wrapped in terror send cries for intervention out into the blackness surrounding their sphere of existence. Such a concentrated emission of pain and sorrow sends her memory back to the collapse of her own cosmos and the despair of her inability to help her fellow beings. The suffering pulls at her attention but the distance only allows her to analyze the radiating wavelengths. A few reach out with hope, searching for a savior to intervene and deliver them from their dilemma, but most are decided to their fate. Seeking only to end their pain with no desire to continue. Finding no fulfillment in remaining intact and wanting to give up their structure for a chaotic existence. Here is a chance for her to accomplish what she was unable to achieve with her own quondam reality. The concentration of deteriorating entities draws her own need for attainment. She slowly extends her sensors, breaking the limits she has held for millenniums, seeking to end their pain.