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March 2016

Letters from Victoria – Letter 1 – Here is the first offering from my letter project between my sister and I

Tiffany Room

Brighten station, United Kingdom

My Dear Annalis,

Here is the first of my promised letters.  It broke my heart having to leave you yesterday. I can still see you tear stained face peering out of the upper story window of our parents London home.  The journey to Brighton was uneventful and I arrived last evening with ample time to prepare for my journey.  The accommodations in Brighton were adequate, if small. My luggage took up most of the floor space as I was not able to arrange transport until this morning. I hope during the trip I will be able to remain in contact with you. If I am unable to send my letters I will continue to write, as promised, at least once a week. Then I will arrange to send what I have accumulated at the first moment possible.

After my luggage was picked up this morning, i spent a few hours arranging my allowed on board possessions. As this will be the last chance I will have to purchase any forgotten items, i tried to think of any situation i might find on board the ship. I had a short moment of panic when i could not find my reader. Fortunately I found it tucked into  the outer pouch of my travel sachet.  As you can tell I am not as calm as I should be. 

The station in Brighton is everything it was promised to be when they proposed the construction plan three years ago. I read an article on the architect who created the design for the main station building. His vision was to create a functional station that would blend the modern design of Spherism with the natural seascapes surrounding Brighton. The effect is amazing. Picture an enormous polished metal sphere that reflects the sea and sky surrounding it. If you stand at the correct points of the passenger drop off area you have the illusion that the building is part of the sea.  Truly inspirational. I stood staring so long when I got out of the taxi that the driver had to ask me three times for the fare.

I am now sitting in the main terminal waiting for my final papers to clear.  There are many families waiting here also. I find it difficult to imagine embarking on this type of journey with young children.  How do you explain to a six year old that you are taking them away from all that they have ever know. Family, friends, country, home – everything.  All gone.  As you can see, I am also struggling with leaving. Even though it is everything I have been dreaming about and working toward, I still find it difficult to leave.  Most heart breaking is to leave you dear sister.  This was our dream together but fate has played us a sad hand that you are not by my side for the start of this adventure. It will not be the same without you, but as we have spoken about this many late nights, I must come to terms with it.

I see my name has just been posted to the plasma screen for boarding. I guess my papers were all in order.  I have to thank Dad for that. He always did know the correct end of the pencil to use. I will have to sign off for now. As soon as I am settled on board I will write again.

Please take care of Mom and Dad for me.  I leave them in your capable hands.

Love Always,



So the amulet bag is complete. Now I can focus on writing this coming week.

So I am almost done with the body of the amulet bag.  I just need to add the 3D part of the dragon and add the strap.  I really enjoyed listening to some Blackmore’s Night music and classic Yes while I was working on this. It really set  the mood for some creativity.  Here is two photos of the project so far.


Hello fellow beaders, I am starting my first blog project. In the end it will be a dragon amulet necklace. As you can see from my photos I am a lover of all that is dragon, so many of my projects and writings include this mythical creature. Below you can just see the claws of the dragon taking shape. I am using a mixture of Toho and Delica beads for the body of the bag.

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