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June 2017

Writing companions

Two of my writing companions this week. Each contributed a little inspiration.

Letters From Victoria – Letter 38

Dear Sister, 

The Equine creation is now complete and awaiting your attributions. After the difficult installation of the signal filaments, the large electronic assembly was in comparison easy.  I say in comparison since it was by no means a smooth process, but however it went it is now assembled. It will be difficult to keep my hands off till your arrival as the creature changes every day and I ache to add these additional features to the already completed painting. I know this will disrupt the careful connections I have set in place within the piece so I have covered the work and placed it away from sight,  It only awaits your expertise in arranging the complex settings then I can begin the analysis of the operational piece. I realize these numbers will have to wait until you sift through the mountains of data I have sent you and also your own measurements being collected on the Phycodurus at this moment. There is now over eight months of numbers accumulated there alone so I will have to be patient even after your arrival.  It will be more than enough trial for me to wait for this first event, let alone the months till your own  work comes to fruition. I am happy then to have a diversion in Nikolas. The studio is a constant reminder of the long wait so in three days time I am off to visit him for a four week stint. I contacted him last week before I began the final component installation and he assured me it would be no burden for me to stay with him for this extended time.  This will allow me a short respite from my work before Addison must depart for another assignment and I must assume all responsibilities for my compound. Katryna must also return to her own home for a short time to meet with several of her clients and tend to a few personal tasks.  It is not as if I will be leaving the Equine behind once I leave the studio and I am excited to learn more of how Nikolas has been influenced by the creature in his own work. I  also tired of my own simple cooking and the thought of experiencing one of his culinary masterpieces first hand has me salivating already.  He has an extra  room for my stay and although he must work while I am there he says there are ample things in the surrounding area to keep me occupied until he is free. I look forward also to observing another environment of New London since his retreat is located in the coastal mountains.  I will be unable to take the Geo-Train directly to the area as the line ends before reaching his location.  The last six hundred kilometers will have to be completed by sea as there is no land transportation available yet for this area of New London. His restaurant is closer in kilometers than Delphi but because of the transportation situation it will take me the same amount of time to travel there.  Two days by train and one on the Zephyr ferry.  The later is a cross between a sailing ship and a high speed hydro-plane.  It uses only wind power as a momentum force but can reach speeds in excess of one hundred kilometers per hour.  Another form of transport for me to experience but I am not looking forward to this ride as much as I was to the Geo-train. At least it will keep my mind off your impending arrival and the finished piece locked away in my atelier storage.  This will leave me only a wait of a month upon my return to the studio before your ship is scheduled to arrive.  Katryna will also be returning to continue her studies and I will have the full operation of the studio site to occupy my thoughts. Addison will be leaving as soon as I return so I hope I have learned enough from him to keep everything operational. 

The weather has begun to clear since the summer is approaching.  The humidity has dropped allowing for more attributes of the Equine to appear that could not be viewed in the danker atmosphere of the winter months. I struggle with the desire to start another representation of the creature even though I know there is no time to complete it before I leave for my journey. I know my creative brain needs a pause before beginning a new work, but my inner self is struggling with this decision.  I detect no signs of the Equine growth toward the space containing the Flynn satellite but it is still a few months before this phenomenon was viewed from Earth.  The time gape is very  prevalent in my thought as I wonder what is being viewed on Earth now.  Has the Equine revealed what it intends by this time on Earth, or is it still unclear what the creature it growing towards.  It will not help to check the messages from mother Earth as the question will no doubt cross the incoming message of what we are about to experience here  and what Earth viewed two years ago.  It would be helpful if the message barrier could catch up to the space travel time, but as sound data and matter are two different things, the Gambol process would not work.  I cannot believe I have been away from my home planet for almost two years.  It seems like only yesterday that I boarded the transport in Brighton for my adventure into space. I am surprised how quickly this planet has become my home.  I know it has everything to do with my relationship to the Equine.  I feel I am sharing my life with it, watching the magnificent view of its ever present form above me.  This may be why my hand itches again to copy the ever changing form onto canvas.  It is the only way I truly feel connected to it and I feel an almost addictive tendency that I must return to time and again.  Afraid that if I do not then it will be impossible to maintain the relationship I have learned to rely on.  If i describe it this way it sounds very unhealthy. This is not what I am trying to portray as I have never felt more alive and center than I do now.  I only find it difficult to imagine my life before this creature was present.  I hope once our work is completed and the finished piece is displayed on Earth that I can be near it.  I cannot imagine returning to normal life on Earth without being able to experience the Equine on at least some level.

I am taking the dream journal with me on my trip to see Nikolas.  I want to concentrate my full attention on the remaining entries and this will be easier away from the studio.  It will be sad when I have completed them all.  I have found great comfort in the journal pages.



Project 16 – Dreams of Vincent

Almost half way complete. I cannot believe how many different colors are needed for this piece. This is a freehand project. Attempted to use a bead graph but it was too restrictive.  The piece changes with different light sources. 

Letters from Victoria – Letter 37

Dear Annalis,
Another offering from the Equine journal. I feel definitively drawn to this conversation with the creature. The first appearance of time reference appears in this passage. It gave me the impression that this is a new concept for it to grasp.

Tendrils of energy flow outward. Reaching to the far corners of her limits, searching out the signals powerful enough to grasp. The waves fluctuate along the entire spectrum attempting to locate an oscillating match within this quadrant of existence. Various energy signatures draw her attention but are quickly dismissed as their patterns and frequencies disrupt her current symmetry. The search continues for many cycles of the solar body before at last success. Nearly two-hundred celestial intervals have elapsed since her emergence into this quadrant and her hopes of discovering an adequate advocate had swindled. Here at the extreme range of her newly extended sensors appears energy that sings in harmony to her own. Powerful, steady and unphased by her touch. A dialog is started and she once again moves forward.  

As I read these words again, I cannot help thinking of Katryna and her relationship with the Equine. From the dream journal the Equine infers that it takes a distinct mind to allow cognizant contact. Brain waves emitted at a specific frequency and additional oscillation to attract the creatures own complicated wave emissions. I know from Katryna that there have only been a handful of people over the last hundred years who were able to communicate with the Equine on her level. I believe only a few dozen by her estimation and all native Neo-Britannians. I am not sure how to interpret the Equine’s reference of time intervals. It could be referring to the celestial cycles of Alpha Centauri II or even Proxima as it is also within this system. Since there has only been human colonists on New London for a little over two hundred planetary years I believe it is referring to the planetary time frame. As I said before, time seems a strange and unfamiliar concept to the Equine so I may be completely off track in this assessment of the dream entry. I cannot help but conclude the ability to attract the Equine by these few is related to the brain activity detected by my scans. Harmonic frequencies seem to draw the creature to these people. In reference to the scans completed on Katryna, she does have definitive increases in certain frequency ranges not prominent in the Earth born brains. It also fits in with the creatures reaction to the music performed at the conservatory. There was such a vast offering of wavelengths and frequencies during the performance I attended and later the recordings that I studied, the Equine must have been basking in the glow of these oscillations. I must delve deeper into this line before I attempt to include an auditory addition to my art.

Another week has passed and Katryna is settling into her new role here at the studio. She has taken over the archival tasks needed to capture my daily activities and has started recording the complicated processes needed to obtain the sustainability test results. This has given her new insight into how her own relationship with the Equine works by studying my processes. She also has a talent with the care of living things and has started creating a paradise in my hydro garden and greenhouse. Since Addison will be leaving the site in a little over a month it has been a great help for her to stabilize this area of my complex. Along with the archiving of my own activities she has been experimenting with new way to record her own visions from the Equine, hoping to discover a way to make them more clear for her clients. Although the artistic aspects of her apprenticeship did not come to fruition it does seem that she is going to benefit from her time with me. I feel a bit guilty at times since her presence here has been extremely helpful in adding additional data to my study of the local environment and inhabitants. I hope as time progresses she will reap the harvest of our collaboration. She has not been forthcoming on how her own studies are progressing but I hope she will reveal this in her own time. It is enough for me now that she is benefiting to some degree.

I have now completed the full depiction of the Equine using only Neo-Britannian material. It is a mesmerizing piece and I catch myself staring at the canvas every time I pass it in the studio. It is several centimeters larger than any of my other renditions and the native material adds additional depth and vibrance compared to my earlier works. I have been occupied over the last few days with the installation of the intricate signal connecting lines within the piece. The frustrations caused by this complicated application is beyond description. It takes my full concentration to keep my hands steady as i run the delicate gossamer wires through the weave of the canvas, creating connections between the different emission points. Luckily I can do most of this installation from the back side of the painting. If I had to execute this task in full view of the hypnotic rendition of the Equine form I would be unable to maintain the needed concentration. I reminds me of grandmother teaching us to knit. One false move and the entire pattern unravels. I still have at least two more exhausting days to complete this task then I can move on to the larger electronic components. After that I will have to wait for you. The neural repeater levels and delta frequency wave settings are way beyond my pay grade. These will have to wait for you and your completed research results at the space lab before the levels can be set. I have included a scan of this last piece with this letter. I completed the scan before I began the connector installation so there would be no interference from the electrical signals. I was able to tweak my resonant camera to catch the new aspects of the Anomaly in this latest work. This includes also the visibility of the new spectral additions my equipment previously did not pick up. It is the most accurate image I have achieved so far on a digital level and if I compare the copy to the original there are few omissions. I only hope that after it travels millions of kilometers through space to your lab that nothing gets lost in the vastness of empty vacuum.

I have still not heard from the Flynn foundation scientist Dr. Falton. This is unfortunate since within the next month the movement of the Equine should start to be apparent. I have given up any attempt to contact him and hope that in time he will contact me. I have attempted to obtain more information on the satellite facility over the last few weeks through public channels. There has been a few tidbits of information there as the foundation is busy building up to the official opening of the research center in the next few months. This may be why Dr. Falton is out of contact. His is the head of the research division and must be swamped. We will just have to wait and see. It does not help to dwell on this particular mystery since all my attempts have been to no avail and it distracts me from my true goal.  

The time is quickly drawing near to your arrival in this system. When the components are in place for my latest piece I am going to contact Nikolas. A trip to the highlands will be a welcome divergence to help me wait out the last few months. I also cannot move forward with our project at that point as I will need your expertise. I miss you so much.



Project 16 – Dreams of Vincent

Beginning of new project. So many colors.


Letters from Victoria – Letter 36

Dear Annalis,

I have encountered a problem that I did not anticipated. Katryna has now been with me for several weeks and it is very apparent that she has no artistic tendency for painting. She cannot draw or paint and her attempts at tint reproduction has been a lesson in futility. I am at my wits end for a solution to this road block. I cannot fault Katryna as she has put as much effort into this endeavor as I could hope, but it has only produced one disaster after another. I must sadly conclude that another outlet must be chosen for the interpretation of her work with the Equine and leave this latest struggle in the past. She is very disappointed but accepting of my assessment since she can also see the results from the last few weeks. Katryna’a visual perception distorts the subject when she puts it to canvas and her attempts at material production has only produced pots and pots of grey sludge. I wish I had your guidance here and this is not the last time my desire for your presents will cross my mind. I was very precise in following Master Denon’s teaching methods but can only conclude another avenue must be found for Katryna. I will not burden you with any further details but let me just say my patience and supplies are now greatly depleted. 

On a high note, the scans I have completed on Katryna and myself have revealed some amazing results. Although I see increased activity in my own numbers it is nothing in comparison to Katryna’s brain functions. Her scans differ from any I have studied on Earth. For one thing she uses more of her cognizant brain than any I have seen recorded. The average human on Earth utilizes only about thirty-one percent of the cognizant brain, allowing the rest of their head to run the involuntary bodily functions. Even the so called child prodigies are no higher than forty percent. Katryna’s scans indicate fifty-two percent of her brain can be focused on one specific area or idea. I am not sure what this indicates but I can see in my imagination your eyebrows rising as you read this developement. You have long studied the function of the brain and how to direct it away from the everyday running of the body function and into a more lucrative controllable function. It may have something to do with her prolonged interaction with the Equine or possibly the environment of New London as we concluded in our early studies. Whatever the cause the results are phenomenal. I have never viewed a more pristine scan than Katryna’s. The structural layout and emitted frequencies are so systematic it reminds me of the binary boards built for the super computers. Although the apprenticeship is not turning out as she planned, Katryna has agreed to remain for the allotted time we had agreed upon and will allow me to perform several more scans for study. I will send the first set of data to you along with the last results of my material sustainability tests, I hope my conclusions meet with your approval as this seems a significant find for our work and definitive proof that our original study of the effects of New London on the human brain were correct . If the environment of New London also improves brain function as well as the interactive artistic benefits, think of the implications this could have in your field of perceptual neurology. If a Neurophysician can use this produced image of the Equine to improve or even cure a brain deficiency this will more than convince the Louvre sponsors of the benefits of further funding for our endeavors. Not only will it be possible to offer the world a new artistic experience but we may also be able to offer advanced benefits to the medical community as well. 

My involvement in our project is at a high point at this time as you can detect. I will use this opportunity to produce my first rendition using exclusively New London sourced material. I did find a pure gypsum source last week that is only a few kilometers from the studio. Since I have been running every day after breakfast I am able to explore directions of the surrounding areas previously unknown to me. On one of my excursions I noticed a large pale smudge on the horizon east of my path. Once I returned to my home I checked the survey maps for any information on what it could be. The maps showed only granite and shale mountain terrain. I asked Katryna to take a ride with me out to the area. She has brought along her Roanian mount for the extent of her apprenticeship and they are hardy enough to carry two people for limited distances. She saddle up Faraday as she has designated her steed and we rode out in the direction of my sighting. After covering about twenty kilometers we came upon the pale area I had viewed from afar. It was a small embankment at the foot of the mountains consisting mostly of gypsum. Unlike the source I found in the western mountain range this one was not contaminated with iron. It has produced a fine canvas conditioner with neutral attributes and once mixed with the local linseed oil, an excellent paint stabilizer. Since these were the last pieces of the material puzzle, I can now produce a full New Britannian portrayal of the Equine. I cannot say that Katryna was responsible for this find but her presence here has been beneficial despite the artistic situation. Not only is her emotional stability grounding for me but I find that having her here alleviates a little of the melancholy your absence creates. It is not altogether forgotten but has at least become bearable during this phase of our work.



Project 15 – Complete Sapphire and Teal

Necklace is complete. Not totally satisfied with the piece. The frame is a little small for the Beaded part.

Project 15 – Framed Sapphire and Teal

My latest project is almost ready for assembly. One more gusset to knit then putting it together.

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