The quiet is palpable. A solid force surrounding the masses. Darkness hovers above, broken only by the flicker of lucifer flames.

Symbols appear across the open space. Shapes traced out by emitted photons in the green and blue spectrum, evoking the magick, a precursor to the addition of wavelengths to come.

A single figure is illuminated in blue, positioned in the center of the raised platform. Diminished only by the immensity of the venue, but remaining larger than life. The force is seated, cradling an implement of power to his body. The instrument is adjusted for ease and a single cord is strummed, filling the vacuous space with the final component of the spell. He evokes the following notes in succession, building on the foundation of magick laid out at the start.

With each measure, more figures join, and each is brought to light in a different emission, creating a tapestry of color across the forum. Greens and golds dance across the stage, following each form as they join their additions into the connotation. The observing masses add to the pressure, creating the ebb and flow of the tide as it washes through the medium.

A sudden crescendo threatens to overpower the spell, sending the crowd into a frenzy that will quickly cascade out of control. The lone figure still seated on the stage, takes control, bringing the magick back into synchronization and leveling the energy to maintain order. Passing his outstretch limb across the horizon in a single arch before returning  his concentration to the strings.

The symbols circling the venue, morph from shape to shape, taking direction from the architect, leading the magick to its final destination. A lengthening of the vibrations creates deep reverberations through the core of each individual present as the tide once again crests. Running its course as it heads for fruition.

One by one the figures retreat, taking their frequencies and wavelengths with them. There is no decrease in power, only a change in the complexity of the signal.

At last only the seated figure remains, strumming the final notes of the enchantment. The blue illumination flickers out, leaving the assemblage in darkness. Merely the fading afterimage of the symbols remains before the multitude of eyes and the last notes of the connotation reverberate out into the endless expanse of space.