Dear Analis,

The first leg of my journey to Delphi is complete and a harrowing trip it was. The train route through the mountains was treacherous from damage caused by the passed winter and a heavy storm followed our passage the entire way. The layover in Newton was longer than predicted but other than the departing passengers, no one else was allowed to disembark. We remained at the station for over three hours, watching the white flakes quickly cover the city in snow as the storm overtook us. The high winds were the major delay to our departure and the train trembled with the strength of the tempest outside as we sat waiting to resume our journey. We are once again underway as the winds have subsided and the heaviest part of the storm has now moved off to the north. According to the reports the remainder of our route to Delphi is free of interruptions with only a scatter of rain showers predicted as we near our destination. Since Delphi is located on the sea coast the climate should become a bit more accommodating as we near the end of the journey. 

I completed the initial outline of Katryna’s training as I sat in the station waiting out the storm. Because my apprenticeship with Master Denon in Paris was so enjoyable, I have modeled my plan from this experience. This is not something I have much adaptation for and the Equine will also have to be factored into the equation so I will use what know and not and stick with my former mentors program. I plan to begin with the neurological scans since this will allow me to chose the best venue for Katryna and also parallel my own work requirements. I will then proceed to a more traditional format starting with the production and mixing of colors. Katryna may prove helpful in my search for a canvas foundation as she is more versed in the materials found on New London. These steps will take her training through the initial two months then we can move on to the more complex aspects of perspective and inception. I have decided not to delve to deeply into the technical aspects of our product during her training since this will not be of any benefit to what Katryna is striving to achieve. It would also compromise some of the security aspects of our project. Instead I will concentrate on increasing her ability to put vision onto paper and allow the transfer of what she receives from the Equine to be accurately portrayed as a visual aide for her clients. This will also leave time for my own research into her abilities and steer away from the confidential areas of the Louvre project.

This trip to Delphi will be the first occasion I have to dip into the wardrobe mother sent with me. The various outfits have been stowed away in their original packing envelopes since I left Earth over two years ago. I fearfully unpacked one of the elaborate ensembles before this trip to check the condition after its long trip. Amazingly as soon as the void field of the envelope was released the sapphire and silver garment unfolded to regain its original form. I found myself staring down in admiration at the diaphanous skirt and bejeweled bodice. I always knew what an excellent designer mother was, but she has outdone herself on the pieces she created for my journey. I did not have the heart to tell her I would have few occasions to wear formal attire but this concert in Delphi will be an excellent chance for me to showcase what she has achieved. I did not unpack any more of the remaining eleven envelopes she sent since the sapphire outfit met my full expectation for how I want to present myself at the performance. I will be representing one of the most prestigious museums that exist today and the deep blue ensemble will hopefully stand out among the other patrons. I am not normally someone who relies on the notice of others but since I have been isolated now for several months with only construction workers as companions, it will be nice to socialize with a more artistic crowd. Mother assured me not all of her offerings were this impractical so I hope once I explore the remaining packages I will find something more suitable to country life, I cannot see myself painting in this blue cloud of a dream but it will be an honor to represent our talented mother’s work on a new planetary society. 

Unfortunately before I can enjoy this wonderful event I must get through several necessary missions. The task of securing the long missing metrology equipment is foremost on my agenda as well as making contact with the Flynn Foundation. I have decided that if I am unable to meet with Dr. Falton in person then I will not share my Equine research during this visit. I may instead leave the digital scan of my current rendition with the Louvre representative in Delphi and arrange directly with Dr. Falton to pick it up from her. I will have to find a cryptic way to inform him of this arrangement before proceeding with this plan, but I hesitate to hand over the piece or any information about my Equine research to anyone else at the foundation. Call it paranoia or instinct but I cannot dismiss this feeling of a connection between the loss of communication from Dr. Falton and the death at my studio. Since the new painting of the Equine has some features that I have never seen depicted before in any previous work I am not willing to share this information with anyone but you Analis. It is only necessary for Dr. Falton to see them as I need his input on the new expansion toward his facility. The growth of the appendage flowing toward the sector of space of the children’s research station is becoming more and more evident. It is not as pronounced as we have seen from Earth a year from now but within several months it will be evident to everyone. It would be nice to have some inside information from the Flynn foundation about what is occurring there at this moment that could cause the Equine to react this way. As Dr. Falton has been the only person at the foundation to be forthcoming with any information relating to the work there I feel the need to share what I know with him.

I will close for now as the movement of the train is quickly putting me to sleep.

I remain your trusted confidant,