Studio Site New London

Dear Analis,

The meditative effect I experienced on the Phycodurus 8 has returned but with the added intensity of the full unobscured illumination from the being above.  I feel the Equine’s  presence as soon as I rise in the morning and it drives me through my day,  pulling me back to remain focused on the present whenever I drift from my intended task.  I know this will sound strange but I feel that it is happy I am here and seems to find a purpose in guiding my scattered thoughts. I don’t know what I would have done if not for that dragoon. I would probably still be unpacking my clothes.

My thoughts keep returning to the train journey here and my conversations with Katryna.  The manner in which she shrugged away my doubts concerning her abilities still haunt me even weeks after the encounter. She gave me the impression of being much older than her limited years and I can still recall the strange flash of green in her brown eyes when I questioned the validity of her gift.  It was not anger that I saw in her young face but a knowing glimpse into the absolute confidence she possesses in respect to anything relating to the Equine. I have not seen her since leaving the train platform in Medici but I feel her presence every day as if she is watching over my shoulder as I continue my research.  It is a bit unnerving and no amount of meditation has been able to relieve this sensation.  Soon the studio will be fully operational and I will have time to return to Medici and seek Katryna out. It might be only an errant  idea from my subconscious but I feel she has unfinished business with me and I need to address it.  Unfortunately she did not share her residential information with me but as she has lived in the community for several years it should not be difficult to track her down.

I have returned to my practice of Hermeticism in the last few weeks. Not only as a relief from Katrynas presence but also to direct my focus to the tasks at hand.  I find myself trying to do four things at once and the ongoing distraction of the construction does not help. There is no sea here to sit beside and meditate to the rhythmic waves but I am able to converse with the Equine and that is far better than any beach could offer.

The studio is now complete and the framework for the attached residence is in place.  There is a team of seven builders on site at the moment including Addison and the work is moving quickly toward completion. When complete the residential dwelling will have two large bedrooms, an open plan kitchen and eating area along with living space that runs the entire length of the structure. There is a door connecting the living area directly to the studio and room for a small office in one corner near the entrance to the kitchen has been planned. I brought few books with me from Earth as my digital library is quite extensive but I still arranged to include a small built in book shelf along one wall of the office corner.  It will be positioned directly next to one of the deep set window seats and I have ordered covered cushions from one of the shops in Medici to create the ideal sketching and reading area. It seems frivolous to arrange something of this nature with everything else that must be done but somehow the act of performing these types of domestic house arrangements are comforting. It brings my mind back to a normal place after the chaotic activities over the last  few months.

Addison has turned over the assessments he performed on various local materials before my arrival here and I will verify his findings as one of my first tasks.  He did not include plants in his choice of material  but mostly concentrated on minerals from the surrounding area. I have a list of fifteen substances to validate from his investigation.  He only had use of a crude set of local instruments before my arrival here but his preliminary finding are promising on five of the heavy metals. Along with the pytherium and sage, this gives me a total of six different materials with promise. I have analyzed the first data from the sage distillation and compared it to a similar plant I studied while still on Earth.  Although the spectral results are similar when compared to the desert sage from Mexico,  the New London sage has very unique electrical properties.  It may be an ideal candidate for the carrier signals within the planned Louvre masterpiece but it is too early to be certain. I still need to test the sustainability of the new sage but I will not be able to do this until the delicate Chronometer and spectral equipment have stabilized in their new environment. They are now set up within a sealed mini lab and I will not have access to them until the studio atmospheric testing is completed.  I should be done with those tests early next week and if the readings are acceptable  that will be the final phase for the lab to be declared complete and operational. I have also completed unpacking the remainder of the equipment from the Derringer and luckily they all seem intact.  It seems the meteorology equipment was the only victim on the trip from Earth and I will not be short any research tools for the actual project.  

By the end of this week I will have enough new data to justify a strip beam message to the Phycodurus for your archives. Hopefully when you arrive there will be so much for you to do the sadness of our separation will be bearable . I know it is helping me.

Love always