Dear Analis,

Reluctantly I am preparing to leave the station tomorrow. I believe my time here has been used wisely and I have become strangely attached to your humble lab space.  Obviously it is you I will miss when I leave here as your presence is felt every moment I work in the lab.  The transport from the Derringer-8 will be here shortly after midday and I will be back on board the ship by the following morning.  It is a short trip compared to the journey from Earth but since I will be sharing the small passenger space with ten other travelers it will be a little confining.  It is difficult to fathom that in fifteen days I will be setting foot on New London.  My temporary lodgings in Delfi have been confirmed and as soon as all the formalities for the debarking process  are completed I will immediately begin planning the final leg of my journey.  I heard some disturbing news about the conditions in Delfi so I will arrange that my stay there is as brief as possible.  It seems the protests and demonstrations instigated by the Cultavist sect have escalated.  Some of these have turned violent and though no one has been killed there has been a number of injuries. The confrontations are mainly between the sect and the security forces within the Delfi area but there are also reports of property damage and civilian harassment in the outlying areas. Since these are mostly centered around the more populated areas of New London I am hopeful it will not interfere with my plans. I find it sepulchral that what was once deemed the creative epicenter of the human race is now plagued by the violence of close minded extremists. I hope we can change this in the following years. With the new influx of families and artist scheduled to arrive in the next two years I believe we can tip the balance on New London back to the artistic and scientific endeavors.  From the reports it seems more a center for religious fanatics and belligerent lotus-eaters.  I was never one for involvement in causes,  but I believe this may be my exception as I have never felt this type of dedication to any project in my entire life.

Okay I have had my rant for  today.  On a more positive note I I have made contact with the hired contractor for the build of the studio. He assured me all is on schedule and the majority of the building materials and supplies are already onsite.  As usual on New London all has been stored in temporary underground storage containers so the chance of theft or vandalism is decreased. Addison has been on New London for two years and is an exclusive contractor for the scientific and artisan society. This is his first project for the Louvre and he has given me the impression that he shares our enthusiasm for what we are trying to achieve. I was surprised that he knew such detailed information about our work but it seems the Louvre found it important he was well informed so that the build would go as expected. As there are many specialty supplies needed for the construction of the studio, Addison needed detailed instruction on what they would be used for so there would be no substitute material ordered. This gives me great comfort as I will now have assistance from someone familiar with my new home.

I will give you a bit of advice before you transport to the Phycodurus.  Find a good supply of coffee to bring with you.  The food on board the station is decent and they make good use of the hydroponic crops, but they have not produced any type of natural stimulate close to the real thing.  They do have a synthetic substitute and I know it will in no way satisfy your addiction, so be forewarned. I realize this is information that would have been more helpful before you left Earth, but I had no idea until I arrived onboard. I find it strange to find this lack on the station but I guess they do not have the same priorities as we do.  The coffee on the Derringer was palatable and maybe you can convince the commodities officer on board your transport to arrange a supply for you.  I will try and send you some after I am set up in my new home but I am not sure if that is possible. I now find myself contemplating the condition on New London. It may be that I  have to find a way to grow a coffee crop myself.

The planning officer for the lab sector of the station has all your in depth instructions for the maintenance of the lab over the next year.  She assured me that your instructions will be followed to the letter and that she will send me updated reports of any issues that might arise.  She seems a very competent technician and I believe she will solve any problems with efficiency and speed.  This is reassuring to me as I feel I am running off to join the circus leaving your child to fend for itself.  I know this is what we agreed to but as I stated before I am reluctant to leave but I am also excited to begin my new life.  I will have to schedule a session of meditation tonight or I will never be able to sleep.

Love Always