Derringer 8

Dear Annalis,

I have received a message from mother that you have been ill.  She did not elaborate on your type of ailment, only that it was not related to the regen.  As I had not received a response to my last letter to you, I hope you do not mind that I contacted our parents to check on you. As you have reached a critical point in your regeneration, I was concerned. As you know how reluctant our parents are to use the new technology, I was happy to receive the update from mother. I am relieved that your condition is not connected to the regen and that you are improving.


We are exactly one week away from the jump coordinates and the medical division on board is preparing us all for the initial steps of stasis.  We all have to report daily from tomorrow on for inoculations. The injected cocktail of drugs gradually slows the cellular activity of the body until the final injection on the sixth day which is used to suspend all atomic level activity. This will place us in stasis for the jump. We were informed that the first four days of the process are so gradual that there is only a subtle effect on the body’s motor functions, similar to a few too many alcoholic beverages. The next two days are more intense and we will already be in  place in our designated cubes for the jump as normal body functions are affected. We will still be cognisant during the fifth day, so I have been told it seems to last an eternity till the final step of the process is completed.  I know they pipe in music and have visual stimulation in the cubes, but as the motor and neural systems are so impaired it is not certain what effect they  have on the tedium and anxiety of being immobile.

I have continued to use the sports facilities during the last week of travel.  It is recommended to assist with the after effects of the stasis.  The Equipment in the facility is designed to calibrate the body’s cellular activity so it will return to normal quickly after it is removed from stasis.  I hope this is the case with me. During the quarantine I will not have the luxury of a long recovery as will the other passengers. I must transfer to the Phycodurus 8 as soon as I am able so I can have the maximum time with the new lab.

I have finished the initial outline sketches of the anomaly from holo studies I brought with me. I pulled some new data from your research site to enhance my own, including the new radio frequency diagrams you included from the last few months.  Amazing!!! I compared my composite drawings from a few months ago to what I have now.  There has been significant growth of the leaf structure on the side of the array closest to Proxima.  If I look at the system diagram surrounding the phenomenon, that places the growth towards the medical satellite built by the Flynn foundation.  They are the organization studying the effects of the anomaly on juvenile diseases.  The colors and radio emissions are also more distinct in this sector of the anomaly.  It this where you are going with the idea that the array has intelligence? Do you believe it is choosing which location to help the most?  I am curious if this observed flux in the structure of the anomaly is reflected in the results the research facility is having.  I will try and pull up as much data as I can from the Flynn site before my stasis treatment progresses too far. Maybe you have already done this, but sometimes it is better to look at things from two different viewpoints.  I have included the finished outline of the array with this letter.  When you are back to work, please have a look and see if my observations correspond with yours concerning the Flynn satellite facility.


On a personal note, I have broken my normal anti-social ways and made a friend on board. The chef I mentioned in my last letter – Nicolas – Has turned out to be quite entertaining during the long hours on board.  He has even invited me to visit his ‘endeavor’’in New London when it is up and running.  I call it an endeavor as depicting it as just a restaurant does not do it justice.  He will be using a new process of food preparation that I have never heard of.  Think along the lines of something between molecular gastronomy and metabolic training. As it will take him several months to set up his establishment it should correspond with my own time line.  I will be ready for a break from my work about then as I will need the data to accumulate before the true project work can begin.  His facility will be located several hours travel away from my studio so it is not a case of just popping by for a drink. I think you would like him.  He has a very dry humor – not always politically correct- but I like that as you know.

I hope your recovery is swift and contact me as soon as you can.

Love as always,