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Project 21 – Hummingbird Necklace

The beginnings of a new pattern project. I decided to use Toho beads instead of seed to make the finished piece a bit smaller.

Letters from Annalis – Letter 1


Focus on the present not the past.

I should never have ventured into the desert alone.


Focus on the present not the future

The delay in my departure is every day on my mind. A constant reminder of the accident.

Dear Victoria,

I repeat this mantra almost hourly during this difficult time of recovery. Attempting to remain in the here and now. Deliberately remaining where I am and nor where I want to be.

Not being an idle person as you know, the hours of tedium are wearing on my being. The only saving grace has been your correspondence. The first offering will be treasured as a memento, symbolizing the start of our adventure. Although my part is delayed by a year, I feel I am with you on the initial leg and look forward to joining you further down the timeline. Continuing to write during this separation, both in time and space, is an excellent idea. My later letters will not reach you until after my arrival at our new destination, but we can share our thoughts in this manner. It will also create additional insight into our joint endeavors and supply some much needed comfort.

Your absence is felt every moment during this time of separation.



New Writing Site

Always looking for a new location to write. I think I found one.

Project 20 – Anime Tree – Complete

This creation is complete. I hope my target audience enjoys it.

Project 20 – Anime Tree

Two more sessions and this should be complete.

Project 20 – Anime Tree Half way

Almost to the halfway point of this project. Considering to create a 3D effect for this piece.

Project 20 – Anime Tree

Start of my next beading project. An anime scene for Ericka.

Pause Between Characters

After a long pause, I am now ready to begin the next offering from my letter series. Victoria’s narrative will now become silent, as I move on to her sister Annalis. The narrative moves back to Earth and a time three years in the past, right after Victoria’s departure for New London. The break helped me switch writing personalities, since the two sisters are very different. The first Annalis letter will follow shortly.

Tree of Art

A collection of my art projects from the last few months.

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